Some Thoughts on American Dirt, Cultural Identity, Cultural Appropriation and other Assorted Nonsense in My Life

I guess there's a book out called American Dirt which is getting criticized because it was written by a white woman about a Mexican woman fleeing Mexico because she's getting chased by someone involved in drugs or something. I haven't read the book; I'm just going on what I've seen online so far. Apparently, Sandra Cisneros endorsed the book, which really pissed off Alisa Valdes Rodriguez. Read the brilliant blog post, “Auntie Sandra's Cabin: Why No One Should be Surprised Sandra Cisneros Endorsed American Dirt.” It's a fascinating read, and parts of it made me think, “right on.” It's also sort of summed up why the so-called “voices of their people” quasi-academics/writers have never really appealed to me. I can't identify with them. I grew up in the Midwest the daughter of a government worker and a restaurant employee. I grew up wanting take figure skating, gymnastics and ballet lessons, which I never did as a kid. I was able to finagle horseback r…

I Finally Left Fort Wayne ...

Life has taught me that you shouldn't say "never", because "never" is a long time. And there's no gray area. But after nearly 52 years living in the same town, in the same house (no, I never moved out, not even for college) I finally moved out.

I always said I'd never move away for a job, because what if I hate the job? Well, I moved for a job. And I don't necessarily hate it--I've had worse jobs. I view it as a stepping stone to get where I want to be.

It's been a tough year, but moving away, far away, like to Xiamen, Fujian Province, China, has been good for me. Sure, there's been negative things. I always look for the negative, I am an eternal critic, always have been and I think always will be. Always--that's another word people need to be careful with.

Things just weren't going well for me in Fort Wayne. I felt that things wouldn't improve, so I figured I'd leave before things got worse. I was really down that I got …

It's Brandon Vaughan!!!

Here's another interview with Brandon!!!

Can you talk about what happened at work when you lost your job? Some funny store b