My Second Piece for Bust magazine

So I was lucky enough to talk with Barbara Ehrenreich about the state of our union, and it was published by the Fort Wayne Reader, and now in Bust magazine.

I Miss You Mom

Fourteen years ago today, I lost my mom.

Fourteen years of poverty, feeling lost, like things will never be better, and so far, I've been right.

I can't function without my parents. I'm living proof of that.

A Rare Lunch Downtown

And it was a gorgeous day, too!

I Talk to Barbara Ehrenreich

Child of the Corn

Is there anything more delicious than Indiana sweet corn slathered in butter, pepper, and salt?

I Miss You, Dad

Eighteen years ago today my dad died.

I'd just got home from work. He seemed like he was struggling. I got him some water, but when I got back, he was gone.

I woke up my mom, who was in another room.

She made the calls and my brother came over to say goodbye.

It was a hot day. I remember later on going out and watering the garden. I offered to drive mom to work, because I knew--just like I know I'm going to die someday--that she would get into a car accident. Don't ask me how I knew. I've had hunches before, and they've happened. Even my brother offered to drive my mom, who insisted on going about her day as if nothing happened. She took care of a boy, and didn't want to let his parents down. She refused.

I eventually went to bed and woke up to an empty house. The note on the dining room table said something along the lines of, "your brother and I went to the car dealership to see how much it costs to fix the car." It was totaled. My mother ended up w…