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Southern States Road Trip Christmas Eve 2017

Dear Diary,

Another day of shelling at the beach. Very sunny today, but not super-hot. We also went to another thrift store. I thought Jami's son would kill us, but he found an $8 aquarium. I found new running shoes and swimwear tops and bottoms. I have a long torso, so sometimes it's hard to find suits that work for me. My Land's End suit fits perfectly, so I've been using that.

Jami's son Derik jumping out of a tree.
Beach selfie! Derik is behind me.
Jami's mermaid. She asked Derik to kneel down so she'd have a mermaid with a beard, but he refused.
Contrail or jets? You make the call!
Derik throwing stuff at Jami.
Caspersen Beach is  a GREAT place to find shells.
Coke. It's everywhere. #justsaynotodrugs
Fiddled with the pro setting on my camera phone. The sunset didn't actually look like this. But isn't this pretty?
Another nice shot!
My first gazpacho. It was a little too bitter for me, but edible.
Caspersen Beach selfie!
After a huge dinner …

Southern States Road Trip day four

Siesta Key beach.
 First sandcastle I've seen this trip.
 My Left Foot.
 Squirrel is going to squirrel.
 Not sure what this is.
 Almost sunset.
 This looks like some abstract painting.
 A lonely shell.
 A video to cheer me up when I'm down.
 Jami and her son, Derik.
 Turtle, not Myrtle Beach.
 Some of the things I got thrifting.

Southern Road Trip 2017 day three

Messing around with the pro setting on my camera phone. I darkened this up a bit.
 Palm tree near the boarding shack for the Caladesi Island ferry.
 Got lots of shells here.
 A bird looking for his next meal.
 The only crab we saw today.
 Me, Jami, and her son Derik.
 I left a mark.
 It's better at the beach.
 They have these lizards in Puerto Rico.
 We didn't see any.
 Holy crap! We ALL found stuff here!!!! I blew $50 bucks. Good thing we got the half off coupon!
I had to sneak into the pool. The sign said the pool closed at 10, but it was only 9:04. I did about a dozen laps, and hung out on the hot tub for a while. So lucky the pool was right outside our door!

Southern States Road Trip 2017 Days one and two

Windmills in Northwest Ohio. I think they are futuristic looking.
 Cabella's in Georgia somewhere. This is the Hole in the Horn buck. I don't think I saw any hole.
 So many anti-abortion billboards, yet Georgia is okay with hanging babies???
 The rare Modern Payus Telephonicus.
A not great picture of the scenery  A
Waffle house is awesome!
 I honest to God never saw a stalk of cotton in person until today.
My friend made a big deal about this pecan,shop, but right after breakfast, my friend felt really woozy, and she and her son slept for five hours, leaving me to peruse fig preserves, purple pop corn, and yes, flavored pecans, all by myself.

Bleak (view from the) House

A view from my room. It looks like a very depressing Jackson Pollock painting.


I want pancakes.