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Time to Work on Getting Poison Ivy

Whoa! I haven't been here in a while, so I've noticed there have been some changes. These will take getting used to. Obviously, I haven't done much by way of blogging. I've had more time to write, but unfortunately, I've spent more time on Facebook and generally checking sales on and my YouTube account. I'm down to three jobs now, all of them part time. I have more time to do stuff, and that stuff is house-related. I worked on the front lawn, and trimmed that up a bit, with the help of my neighbor. So Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, I decided to tackle the back lawn, despite the heat. I filled up two lawn waste bags, and set them out in the driveway. Then, the next day, the itching started. And the swelling. Yes, there's poison ivy in the back yard, and I guess I was too dumb to realize it. Yesterday, I broke down and went to RediMed. I've gained weight, and my blood pressure is up, despite exercising more. Since I was self-pay (my new … The Fort Wayne Reader was kind enough to do a story on my short story collection. Check it out.