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Hot Water is Nice

Shelled out to get my water heater fixed. Nice to have a long, hot shower. Now the space bar on my laptop is messing up. I think there's something wedged in there. Probably a small piece of crap.

Also, that guy called me again.

Happy Birthday, Mom

My mom would have been 83 yesterday. I miss her so much. My life has collapsed into a downward spiral since she died almost ten years ago. She was very protective of me, and I guess I never realized I'd have to get along without her. I had to learn things as an almost middle-aged adult that I should have learned a long time ago. And I feel like I've let her down. The house is a mess, and so are my finances and my life. I think slowly I'm emerging from the darkness. But sometimes I really do feel like a total loser. 
Happy birthday Mom. I miss you so much.

The first picture I can remember taking with my mom. It was some photo booth somewhere.
Mom in the car. I think this was April 1955.
Mom on the beach, probably in Puerto Rico. This was six months before my brother was born.
A very old picture. My mother is on the left, and I think this is her mother in the middle. The girl on the right is named Carol.
I think this was part of a photo session from the earlier car photo. I…

You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Story is About You ...

I write erotic fiction. Where do I get the inspiration? Depends. Sometimes it's a fantasy, sometimes it's a man that turns me on. This last time, I wrote a story and posted it on It's called "Do You Know?" My pen name is Janell Elizabeth Meyer. If you're into tickle fiction, check it out.

Anyway, I told a student (who is now a former student) that I write erotic fiction. He's been emailing me through this particular website. He read the story and loved it. He kept emailing me, and I responded. He really, REALLY loved the short story. I sort of told him the inspiration for it. He said he had to talk to me.

So like the naive fool that I am, I gave him my number, and we chatted. After a few minutes of pleasantries, he asked in sort of a roundabout way if he was the inspiration for the story. I said no.

It's sort of funny. In the story, I said that the woman protagonist talked to this guy after class. And so, since I've talked…

Guys are Strange

I've just accepted the fact that if I am nice and courteous to a guy, he's going to want to fuck me,. It never seems to fail: you're nice to a guy, and automatically they are all like, "oh, she thinks I'm so fucking hot. She wants me. She wants me bad." VOMIT.

Why do I think this? I posted a short erotic fiction story online, and one of my FORMER students thought it was about him. Like an idiot, we exchanged emails, and he got so hot and bothered, he said he needed to talk to me. Because I'm really naive and dumb, I thought he meant talk to me to vent about something I'm dealing with.

He asked where the inspiration for the story came from, blah, blah, blah, and then he kinda asked in a roundabout way if he was the guy in the story. No. Not.At.All.

So that made for an interesting pre-Valentine's day phone call. Poor guy. Hope he isn't too crushed.


I nearly forgot to update the blog Saturday night, and I forgot again yesterday. I guess I could have gotten out of bed to do it, but I honestly didn't feel like it. I should dig out my diaries from when I was in college, and post those. I would have several months worth of postings, if I just posted small excerpts. It's a thought. How was your Tuesday?

Almost Forgot

I almost forgot to post today. I keep a daily journal but I don't blog every day. People would get bored with my life. So even though I could post daily, I don't. Sorry. You're welcome.

Another Snow Storm's a Comin'!

It's snowing again. Regardless of what the groundhog said, there WILL be six more weeks of winter, because seasons are three months long. It's about six weeks after December 21. So, six more weeks to go. Suck it up, people.

Finishing a Column

I write a column for the Fort Wayne Reader ( and just finished one up about my steps toward enrolling in grad school. I suck at math, and my GRE prepping for math was pretty laughable. However, I was told that in the English department, they don't really look at the math scores. Thank God.

I'm scared to go to grad school. However, if they do away with the only class I can teach at the college level, I'm going to have to sub at the high school level, and I do NOT want to do that.

Since I graduated from a very expensive college, going to get my master's degree at a public school is going to cost half as much as my bachelor's degree. It's still going to be a chunk of money, but people pay more for new cars. So that sort of puts it into perspective. It should help me in terms of working options and mean more money, even as an adjunct.

So that's what I wrote about in my column, which should be com…