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And Isn't it Ironic...?

Before I made my first delivery today, one of our customers who comes in every single morning said he refuses to shop at Meijer, because every time a new location opens up, demonstrators are out in front of the store saying Meijer isn't union, the pay is low and so forth. The customer said, "unions are communist." A co-worker said, "unions once had their place in this country, but not anymore."

This customer, probably a contractor, has a job that allows him to shop every single day. No doubt he bills the customer for this time. No doubt he probably has a set schedule to his days, either working eight hours a day, or perhaps 10, but I'm guessing there's a quitting hour for him, and he decides that.

My co-worker probably got a 15 minute break two hours after she clocked in; probably took her hour lunch about four hours after she clocked in. She might have eaten during that hour; she might have run a few errands, grabbing a bite to eat while driving, or perh…

My Recent Thoughts on Health Care

I'm not optimistic about any decent health care reform going through this weekend. I'm thinking this way for a couple of reasons. One, the health insurance industry makes too much money and is in the business of making it, not helping you with your health expenses. Two, doctors are not really in the business of making you well; they are concerned about getting you dependent on medicine. How many of you have been given "samples" when you confront the doctor with a problem? There never seems to be any concrete search for the actual problem. Years ago, I had a rash on my hands (primarily my right hand) that never seemed to go away. I went to the doctor, and he said it could be one of several hundred things causing it. He prescribed a steroid-based ointment that was $95 a tube. It worked, but once I ran out, the rash returned. I was convinced the rash was caused by something internal. By chance, I came across a magazine article about candida; I read it and it sure sounde…

Spring Forward

I still can't get used to Daylight Savings Time. But I'll move my clock ahead anyway.

Years ago, I'd refuse to adjust the clock on the VCR, showing "Indiana time" all year round.

I'm still in my "don't give a shit mood." I've been running more red lights lately, and basically sometimes refusing to do things people ask me to do. It's fun to say "no" which is probably why I really like teaching. If my students don't do the work, I can flunk them and my boss backs me up. Not so much in my other job, where people can insult me and I still have to be pleasant. FUCK THAT!

New Mood

I'm in a "don't give a shit" mood. Today, some guy yelled that I'd run a red light. Really? Really and truly? Gee, I was in the middle of the intersection, and I had to wait until the fucking light turned red before I could go. Stupid old asshole jackass.

Also, the computers keep fucking up at work; not showing all the supposed deliveries for the day, so sometimes we'll end up with a last-minute delivery that never shows up on the delivery boards that we can access.

It's frustrating. Very frustrating. I'm not caring about a lot of stuff anymore, but in a way, it's liberating. Hopefully this new attitude will help in more than just one way.