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Men Are Pussies

While watching a YouTube video, I made a comment. It basically said that men are delusional, and mistakenly think if a woman smiles at them, the woman immediately wants to have sex with them.

Whoo! Just that comment had four people (probably men) calling me an asshole, saying no one wants me either (like I care) and someone with poor grammar who couldn't even spell my name right saying I look like I smell like shit, or something.

Men. Such fragile creatures. I also said something on Facebook a few months ago, and one of my "friends" had a total freak out about it. Of course, this was someone I'd never met. A "friend" of a "friend." Oh yes. I made a comment about a co-worker who had broken up with her boyfriend, and I told her she "deserved better." The guy on Facebook went all PMS on me, asking why it's okay for women to say that to women, but if the guy says he "deserves better," he's seen as a jerk.

Such touchy men ou…

I Prefer Cash

I was given a Target gift card today. Just in time, too, because it's one of those lean weeks where I will probably have to dip into my emergency fund for some bullshit amount like $35 or so.

So, since I needed gas, I used it at a gas station. I just bought $5.01 worth of gas, because I wanted a snack at McDonald's. I figured I'd have $19.99 left for snacks, pet food and whatever else I thought I needed.

I order, then hand over the card. Declined. Since I want my snack, I go to the bank and check my balances. I head to another McDonalds's and give them the gift card. Declined. So I give my credit union card and get my food.

Since the card worked at the gas station, I decide I might just as well put the rest of the gift card into my car. Declined again. WTF?

So I get online and find out that the gas station is going to hold the entire amount of the card (a preauthorization fee) for anywhere from three to seven days until the transaction of $5.01 goes through. Nice.

I pr…

On This Thanksgiving Eve

So my plans for the three days I have off at Thanksgiving were to clean a little and just sit around the house and have a nice dinner and watch movies. I should have gone to the library, because a trip to Delmar was disappointing, then a trip to Super Mega Replay was even more disappointing. There was really not much I wanted to rent or buy. I did find some stuff to buy, but I really, REALLY wanted "Inside Deep Throat" "Exit Through the Gift Shop" and "Secretariat." I could have rented "Exit" last night, I guess, but I didn't. Anyway, I liked Super Mega Replay (used to be Disc Replay) better when it was smaller. Now, it seems like it's chock full of crappy movies. Or maybe I'm just in a shitty mood, but it really did seem like if it's totally mainstream, they have TONS of it. Which is why I should have just gone to the downtown library and picked up some mind-bending shit.

But yeah, I'm just about broke this Thanksgiving Eve,…

The Death of Twinkies and the Dangers of Food Addiction

Americans are crying right now--Hostess is bankrupt, no more Twinkies, Ho Hos and so forth. I really doubt that these snack cakes are going anywhere. Hostess may be no more, but do you really think Twinkies are going to go away? They may no longer be HOSTESS Twinkies, but I am willing to bet that brand will be snapped up by someone.

Remember Bun bars? You probably don't, if you are not a Fort Wayne native. But I was completely hooked on these things, and I can remember buying a snack size bag before Halloween, and eating them in my bed. These candy bars came in a variety of flavors. My favorite was vanilla. The vanilla center was then covered with chocolate and peanuts. I loved them. If you've ever eaten a Reggie bar (named after Reggie Jackson) back in the 70s, they were about the same as the Bun bar.

Then, they stopped making the Bun bar. Or rather, Clark bought the bar, which had been made by Wayne Bun Candy Company, based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Clark then sold to Pearson&…

The Forgotten Women

It's Election Night, 2012, and yes, I've voted. I was thinking about this election, and the insanity surrounding it, and realizing that I'm now part of a demographic that is ignored. I am a single, never been married, childless, middle-aged, college educated woman. No one cares about us. And certain men HATE us.

The reason for the hate is because we've bucked the trend. Instead of getting married and having kids we couldn't afford to raise (after our husbands/boyfriends left us) we got college degrees and remained single and childless.

I never had kids for a number of reasons. First off, I really didn't want any. Secondly, I never seemed to meet a guy who would make a good father. I figured the cut-off year for having kids was about age 35 or so, as fertility rates go down, and the probability of birth defects goes up. I guess I didn't work hard enough at finding a guy, but considering the shitty treatment I've had from men in my life (my brother was th…