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These Are Lyrics!!!????

Went to karaoke last night and was subjected to “Single Ladies” which I’d heard for the first time a few days ago. This is proof that the craft of songwriting has fallen into the toilet. If I never hear the words, “if you liked it, you shoulda put a ring on it” again I will be perfectly happy. It seemed like 50 percent of the song consisted of those words repeated over and over. I was just on YouTube, and Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance has the nonsensical refrain, “la la, uuum la la, gaga uuum ba ba” or whatever the hell it is.

The song sort of reminded me of karaoke last night; there was a woman who basically was looking at the lyrics but the sounds she made were along the lines of “glarh, blah errrgh ummm rearh arch wah wah.” I know those aren’t the lyrics to “Johnny B. Goode.”

The Boob Tube

Why am I watching The Bachelor? Sometimes I think I SHOULD pay for cable.

The Swiss Way

The Swiss seem to have their shit together. They stay out of conflicts and generally seem like they care about things. I'm sure there are some things they don't do well, but looking around at the incompetency I see running rampant in nearly every area that I have to deal with in my life (work, customer service, doctors/hospitals) I'd like to live in Switzerland for a while and appreciate the difference.

That being said, there was something on the national news tonight about modeling the U.S. health care system after the one the Swiss have. Sure, it has flaws and it's expensive. A big part of the roadblock is that everyone thinks nationalized health care will be perfect, but it won't. Even I realize that. But the Swiss realize it too. The report said their health care system was like a Rolex. In case you don't know, Rolex is a very expensive, high quality watch.

Health care CAN be done right. But what I don't understand is why lots of people here are so gloom…

Americans Are Hypocrites

So Rush Limbaugh left the Hawaii hospital where he went for chest pains and said, "there is nothing wrong with the U.S. health care system." Well, of course he would say that! If you have insurance or can AFFORD health care, you would think there is nothing long as YOU can get the care you need. And the smug assholes who DO have insurance point fingers at the uninsured, telling them all they need to do is find a job that offers health insurance. Good luck with that. The jobs that are out there are either part time (which don't offer insurance) or are "independent contractor" positions, which don't offer insurance either.

I would LOVE to just take away health care from the "haves" for a year or two, then enjoy watching the reactions of people like my brother and sister in law, or my hypocritical co-worker who is against socialized medicine but is perfectly okay with Medicaid taking care of his girlfriend's pregnancy expenses when some…