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Drive-Ins--We've Still Got 'Em

Check out the story I did on drive-ins here at the Fort Wayne Reader.

Here's the Link!

I'm interning for The Borgen Project, and they set up my fundraising page. Here's the link:

The founder's story is pretty hardcore. After working with refugees in Kosovo, Clint Borgen wanted to do something about global poverty. After college, he worked on a fishing boat, and that's where he got the funding to launch The Borgen Project.

It wasn't until 2014 that a generous donor enabled him to become a paid staffer. Up that that time, he worked on TBP 9-5, then worked nights as a server.

Nothing but Crickets

So a couple weeks ago, a former classmate PM'ed me on Facebook. Asked me if I wanted to go out for drinks. I hadn't seen this person in a while, and I'm pretty isolated due to job schedule, so I said yes. I asked them if the following day would work.

No response.

The day I suggested getting together, I PM'ed them, and said, "are we on for drinks tonight?"

No response.

The whole thing makes me wonder if the exchange even happened, or if I, in fact, don't exist.

It's getting so I don't approach people anymore, not even my friends, and ask them if they want to do stuff anymore. I've been invited and blown off so many times, that the only people who keep appointments with me are my therapist and job interviewers.

I'm socially awkward, but I'm beginning to catch on to certain things. Such as, "hey, do you want to get together for drinks" actually means, "I haven't seen you for a while, and haven't talked to you. I sti…

I'm Spending My Summer ...

interning for a couple of organizations. One of them is the I will also be doing fundraising for them. I'll post the link to my fundraising page as soon as they get it going. Donate enough money, and I will compose original music and lyrics for a rap song about your life.

Or, I'll bake you some cookies.