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Backwards as Backwards Can Be

I read something in the J-G about how a couple of city council members are really upset about the Harry Baals name controversy. I'd like to say something to them: calm the fuck down. It's no wonder young people want to leave this town. We don't have a sense of humor, and we are basically embarrassed about a dead guy's name. Oh, the HORROR! Listen: this town is full of hypocritical prudes. That's right, hypocritical prudes. Harry Baals has gotten FW worldwide attention, and instead of maybe making a video about the good things about this town (great library, cheap real estate, close to REAL cities, decent hockey team) the city's leaders hang their heads in shame, saying all the attention is "inappropriate, embarrassing" etc. We can't BUY the kind of publicity we've received. And isn't it a little strange that we are upset about a mayor with a funny name that got a shitload of votes, yet we aren't too concerned that we have an awful lot …


Apparently, I've had more views of my blog from Japan than any other country. Thanks for reading!Or, Yonde kurete arigatō!