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Hello? Is Anyone Listening?

More Health Issues, and Book Plugs

Just realized my last post was over a month ago. Sorry about that.

My life certainly has not been boring, but it has been depressing and frustrating. And of course, no matter what happens to you, no one wants to hear it. No matter how bad it is. So that's why it's not uncommon to me when I hear of someone who seemingly was cheerful all the time, but ended up committing suicide. People ask "why?" but the reason is so simple. Because no one cared. No one wants to hear it, so we put on a fake smile and soldier through our days as best we can. Even if we are on our last shred of "hold on", we can't ever admit it.

That being said, I'm facing surgery again. The last time I had serious surgery, I really did want it, because I was in such physical pain. This time, it's not so painful. But a recent colonoscopy showed why I'd been throwing up in the mornings, off and on, for the last three years or so. I tried eliminating the problematic foods/drinks,…