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I AM a Job Creator

Because there's zero compassion in the United States, and lots of people out of work, certain people were telling America's unemployed to "create their own jobs." I'm sure some women would have taken up prostitution, except that it's illegal. There aren't any start-up costs for that. How many businesses can you start with NOTHING? According to some people, everyone who's unemployed has at least $10,000 or more to plunge into a business.

I've hit bottom financially. When I was last unemployed, I scrambled for work. But I sure as hell didn't have $10K parked, just waiting for me to conquer America. I took whatever jobs I could, until I landed what I have now. But I'm still broke.

However, I have more time to write, and started doing just that. Not just the bitching and moaning that I do on this blog, but fiction writing. I had a few ideas, wrote them down, and not wanting to wait, I self-published them. I published my erotic fiction, Anythin…