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New Years Eve 2014

I had a pretty good day today. I tried out my thrift shop skis up at Bittersweet. I had to be careful, because I had no idea if the bindings were set for my weight. And the technician was gone. But the skis worked just fine. They are REALLY old school--they don't look anything like the skis in the ski shop up there. The edges are straight, which means turning is a bit more difficult. But they WORKED. For $32.10 (boots, skis, poles and bindings) I couldn't pass them up. Hopefully they will hang together long enough until I can shell out for newer skis.

On the slopes, I caught myself smiling. It's rare that I smile. I am not sure why that is. Even when I'm having a good day, I look like I'm having a bad one. But I was smiling because at that moment, I was happy. I was zipping downhill, and even if I didn't look so graceful, I felt happy because I was probably getting a good workout--better than my usual ones here at home or at the gym. Sometimes I think I'd h…

A Very Quiet Christmas

I haven't written lately, because I just haven't wanted to. Not on this blog, at least. I feel like it's not being read anyway, so why bother? I have kept a journal for over ten years now, but probably that won't ever get published and that's fine.

I've wanted to relax these past few days. I completed my first semester of grad school, and really am thankful I got As in both my classes. I put in hours of work on my papers. I had to read stuff that I could not believe. But I got through it. I certainly hope next semester is better than this semester was.

Today, I slept late, like I usually do when I don't have to work or be in class. I ate a lot of chocolate and fried myself up some shrimp. I'm not sure if I will have anything else. I did some reading today, and put a video in. I didn't get dressed the entire day. Or rather, I spent the entire day in my relaxing attire: oversized t-shirt and sweatpants.

My Christmases have been pretty dull these last …

Even More Close-Ups!

I'm having fun with these!

It's crunchy! It's cheesy! The best of its kind (in my opinion) is made in Chicago.
So what is it???

Give up???

Well, it's ...

It's cheese popcorn! Made by Jay's in Chicago! I think it is the BEST cheese popcorn in the WORLD!

This one should be easy!

If you've saved one, you've earned one. Pick one up, all the day you'll have good luck. You see cups of them at convenience stores near the register.
Give up???

Well, it's a ...

A penny! Minted in Denver in 2001. (That's what the D stands for.)

Today's Close Up!

This one seems obvious, but it isn't.

Your clues:

It might be time to think differently.
It BEADS that way.
Wrist way did it go?


Ready to give up?

Well, it's a

Strap from a wrist watch!

More Close Ups!

Here's another one!

You can always make a note of this. And it will stick. But not always permanently.
Give up?

Well, it's a ...

Pad of purple Post It notes!

Today's Close Up!

This one's very common, although you might not recognize the detail from the first picture.

Hints: One is never enough. Stores are named after this. It has many nicknames.

Give up???

Well, it's a ....

Dollar Bill! The detail is from the left side (George's right side) of his jacket.

These Close Ups are Fun!

Here's another pair for you to decipher!

These look like mini brushes, and they are, sort of! They also serve as filters too!

Give up?

They are ...

My eyelashes!

More Close Ups!

Here's another pair of close up pictures! Can you guess what it is?

It's really soft! You can make all sorts of stuff with it. It's cozy too!

Give up!???

It's ... A cellphone case made out of pink fleece! The drawstrings are the ribbon that I had on the blog yesterday. The phone case is a bit too snug for my phone, but it makes a cute little case for little things.

I'm Ready for my Close Up!

A few weeks ago at Meijer, I picked up a smartphone microscope. It has been years since I had access to a microscope, so for $15, I thought it would be an amusing toy. There was a more expensive one for $40 that I saw later on.

So I put it aside for a couple weeks, but the other night, I played around with it. It's easy to use. You just clip it on right over your smartphone camera lens, and snap pictures. A flea jumped off my dog, and I was able to snap a few shots of the tiny bug. I thought it might be fun to take pics of some ordinary objects close up, then see if people can guess what they are.

Here's my first pair of pics!

Here are some hints:
This object is soft. It can hold things together. It can hold bags open. It can hold bags shut.
It comes in all colors, but yellow is a very popular color for this.
Give up? Scroll down to see what it is.

The object is an orange ribbon!

I've been ...

Writing, just not blogging. More later, I promise!