Junk Food Alley

Its that time of year again!

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I Went Anyway

Ivy Tech has an annual bus trip to Cedar Point this year I wanted to go. I got the time off for it but the night before they cancelled the trip and rescheduled it for 2 weeks out because it was supposed to rain.

This made me mad because I did get time off for it and I wasn't sure that I could get time off for it again especially since I was slated to start a new job and I didn't want to mess up my attendance at either place.

So even though I was broke my car was in the shop I found a place that would rent me a car with my debit card and I got the event organizer to deliver my prepaid ticket to Cedar Point with me the day before.

I wasn't sure if I get to Cedar Point later on this summer inside already requested the day off I thought I'd take a chance and go despite the forecast.

It turned out to be a great day. When I got there it hadn't rained. Later on in the day, I took a walk on the beach and it did rain, but not for very long.

It turned out to be practically a…

So, I Wrote This ...

So, nearly two months ago, I had a revelation about something that has bothered me for decades. I was at one of my jobs, thinking about things, and a few hours later it dawned on my why I've felt that men hated me.

It finally made sense that they didn't necessarily hate me, but I was expecting them to relate to me in a way that was impossible for them to comprehend.

It also points out how devastating sexual abuse and bullying can be, especially when it comes to looks. Sometimes the inner voice can be devastating, but listening to the outer voices can be even worse.

I'm hoping that my life will change for the positive since this burden has been lifted. I had no idea how much it impacted my mental health. When the realization hit me, I actually did feel lighter, like I'd solved the ultimate math story problem. For decades, I couldn't figure it out, and despite therapy and anti-depressants, the only …

Depeche Mode 6 1 18

Depeche Mode has aleaus struck me as a dramatic, sensual, sexy dance music group. You can move to their tines, but instead of being empty-headed, superficial types, they grapple with the more serious issues of life. Yet they know how to have fun. Dark, sexy, angry, meaningful, deep. That's why I love them.
 Conclusion of an awesome concert!
 Close up. Dramatic and sexy!
 His solo was well received.
 A brief snippet, as I was running out of space.
Since no one smokes anymore, this is the new, safer, more technological way to show affection for rock groups.

Going to Try ...

To post more positive things. I'm not feeling too great recently. Still looking for decent, meaningful work. But you know that old saying, "there's always someone worse off than yourself?"
 I've discovered a show on BBC 3, something called "Love and Drugs on the Street"? Not sure if that's the name, but it's about homeless people in Brighton, England. My house isn't great, but the property taxes aren't very much, thank God.

So, there's that. In between stressing about money, I do seem to be able to scrape up enough for fun every so often. Stay tuned for pictures from Depeche Mode June 1 at the United Center in Chicago. Helluva show.

Surprise! It's Mail!

Kind of weirded out when I left the house today to see an Amazon Prime package in my mailbox. Is it Memorial Day? Yes, but in Casa Amazon, I guess the only person who gets the day off is Jeff Bezos.

And I know some postal workers had to work too. But Bezos doesn't own them. Yet.