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Creepy? Creepy How??? 4-23-16

Apparently, men don't like being called on bullshit in their dating profiles. I nearly got removed from one of the dating sites I'm on. And I complained about a couple of assholes. So it's not been going well, but I expected that.

Anyway, here's a fresh crop of profiles and my snarky responses.

Male 41--Not much into any games but more into my two boys!! This sounds so wrong.

Male 41--Really not sure what to think after the judge held me up on dating, seriously!! If the judge doesn’t want you to date, you really shouldn’t admit that.
Male 50--Life is getting shorter so let's not wait. And if you keep smoking, it will get even shorter!
Yes the hair on the woman is my first and most reaction of my attraction... Well, the hair on my legs is plenty long! Party time!
Male 44--I have three kids and seven grandkids that keep me on my toes. Is it just me, or is a 44-year-old grandfather just … bizarre?
Male 32--i'm a music lover, self-proclaimed culinary badass, drunk dancer, com…

Mini Movie Monday!

It's not original. But nonsense babble from animated characters somehow calms me.

Ba ba da ba da to you too...

Mini Movie Monday!

More footage from Hush Fort Wayne. Really liked the music! The next time I'm there, I'll stay a little bit longer. My social anxiety means going to parties, bars and clubs is extremely uncomfortable for me.

April 8 Creepy? Creepy How???

My most recent post was rather sad, so here are some online dating profiles and my snarky responses to them. I haven't sent them to the daters ... but sometimes I think I should. Enjoy!

Meme by Tim S.
i laugh i sing what more could ya want. Gainful employment, good hygiene, no tattoos, good teeth, charm, and a gentlemanly demeanor.
Just because other men have broken your heart don't automatically asume that I will too. You spelled “assume” wrong. Therefore, you will break my heart—and my poor spelling limit.
I don't have much to offer but a big heart. Not into guys with enlarged hearts.
Disclaimer: if we meet and you don't look like your profile photos, you're buying me drinks until you do. And if YOU don’t look like your profile photos, you are buying me Coach handbags until you do!
A reader suggested I list gender and age with the profiles, so here ya go!
Male, 54-- I hug extraordinarily well. And you’re lazy as fuck. His profile picture shows him with a woman with a pink d…

Thinking About You, Elizabeth

You would have been 55 years old today. I wish so much you had lived. I'd trade my brother for you, if I could. Happy Birthday, sis.

R.I.P. Bill the Lion

Bill the lion died yesterday at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. From the Facebook posts, Bill was a very loved and popular animal.

Mini Movie Monday! (An Original One!)

I love this type of music, and there is a place in Fort Wayne to hear it! This was taken at Hush on South Harrison Street. Sorry if the sound quality is crappy. I recorded it with my Samsung Galaxy III. I think I had the volume turned all the way up. I tried fixing it with my video editing program, but I'm not sure it made a difference. The DJs were Sass and Classy vs. Safe Place. I'm not really a club person, but it's cool that at least there's a place like this in town.

More Creepy? Creepy How???

Meme by Tim S.
Here we go with more wacky profiles. 
I have a good set of shoulders. Really? My tits are awesome!
You’re dealing with the ultimate gentleman/bad boy. So, you’re an oxymoron?
I have been told I look like Mel Gibson. No, you don’t.
If you cant have a good time just being with your self even ,,, then whats the point of anything at all period. A lot of potential suicides have this same thought!
I'm a hard wording dad You need to word harder on proofreading.
I am tall an little extra pounds but just rite for u babe. I. I be waiting to hear from you anytime babe. How do you know that your extra pounds are just right for me? That’s like saying my great big herpes sore on my lips is just what you need.
I cannot receive messages at this time. Well, good luck finding a woman!
Fun and outgoing. Blah blah blah lol. I suck at this so just ask. But your answer will probably suck too, so forget it.
When it comes to problem-solving, I try to see things from every angle. I prefer to take my time w…