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Gloria's Writing Fiction Again!

I haven't written in nearly three months, but that's because (well partly) I've been writing fiction. That incident with that former acquaintance really pissed me off, and that triggered some inspiration for short stories. So I wrote six of them. With the advent of e-publishing, that means instead of thinking getting published is hopeless, it means that it WILL happen. Perhaps not like how I envisioned it, but at this point, I'm prepared to overlook the fact that one cannot have an e-book signing.

So I've been publishing excerpts of the stories on a short fiction website. Here is the website URL:

I'm trying to sell the "sizzle" before the steak. Hence the excerpts. I'm trying to drum up interest for the e-book. I'm waiting on cover art suggestions from a killer artist that I know, plus I'm polishing the stories. Sometimes I think I'll never be done, because I ke…