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A Little Personal History, in Honor of Women's History Month

Some things have been happening to me recently; things that have pissed me off. Things that make me realize that it hasn't ended. No, and probably never will.
It's Women's History Month. I've been thinking about the shit I've had to put up with from men, the relationships I've had with men, and why I'm supposed to accept being treated like shit by men, but men can hate women and abuse them because it's okay.
At work, two of the other employees in the department were leaving for breaks and lunches. I jokingly said, “you men,” and one of them said back (I hope it was a joke) that if I continued with that attitude, I'd have to become a dyke. Dress in flannel, spike my hair, you know, the typical things lesbians wear and appropriate hairstyles. Because if men have abused you and treated you like shit and you dislike (or even hate them) of course, that automatically means you are a lesbian.
It is pretty sad when your own so-called boyfriend (now ex) and…

With Seth MacFarlane, What Did They Expect?

I didn't watch the Oscars, but I've heard some backlash about Seth MacFarlane and his hosting job. I can't really get too wound up about this. I can't quite understand how the marketing/PR folks or whoever the hell it is who books these things and says, "Hey, let's get Madonna/Seth MacFarlane/Michael Moore to host whatever it is we're doing? Do they honestly expect Madonna to tone down her act? Do they expect Seth MacFarlane to do tasteful jokes? Do they think Michael Moore is going to celebrate corporate America?

Well, I guess they do. People are freaking out about MacFarlane's hosting duties. I happen to like the guy; I think he's a talented singer/songwriter, plus I think he's attractive. What the powers that be don't seem to realize is that he has enough money to tell people to kiss his ass. He's made his money in Hollywood, sure, but he is also savvy enough to point out the hypocrisy that runs rampant in this nation.

The "We S…

Lack of Internet Creates Another Life

I don't have Internet at home anymore, and while it's a bit of an inconvenience, I'm not really missing it. Especially Facebook.

I used to be on Facebook all the time, but I'm realizing now how boring it is.

Gotta go back to work now.