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Mini Movie Monday! (Happy Halloween!)

This is a video I took of Fort Wayne's Fright Night Zombie Walk a couple of years ago. Fort Wayne is having more events downtown, which is nice.

Shit My Cat Thinks 4

Summit's thoughts on food, and her folks.

You Can Stop Now ...

Dear NSA,

The human bodies are not buried on my property. So please stop sending those black helicopters over my house.


Mini Movie Monday!

Summit wants you to TAKE ACTION!


Apparently someone found my blog by using this search term:

gloria stevenso as gosex an fuck 60

Thanks Bing. Or, maybe not ...

I am not now, nor have I ever been a porn star.

And Life Goes On...

Eleven years ago today, at this very moment, I was wondering how I was going to live my life without my mother. We were really close, and in some ways, that closeness crippled me. I never really thought I had to grow up, and then she died.

I realized how alone I was--I couldn't even talk to my brother about it, and he turned into even more of a predator. A greedy, worthless, piece of shit fuck of a predator.

And please, no sermons on how family is "precious". Family was great when my mom and dad were around. Now, the only family I have is an asshole brother who terrorized me as a child. His kids, whom I took to the park, swimming, shopping and generally entertaining them won't have anything to do with me.

To them, I'm nothing. If I ever become financially successful (hahahahahahahaha!) they'll come sucking around, wanting my money, claiming that I "owe" them. Fuck them. Fuck each and every one of them. I'll die before I ever help them out.

I sti…

Mini Movie Monday!

Summit has another thought! This is one of her more relaxed moments.