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Banned from the Fort Wayne Reader!!!

A customer came in today, and told me she read my column. It really made my day, because most of the time, I wonder if anyone reads it. I feel like Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller's Day Off: "Is anyone reading my column? Anyone? Anyone?
I'm thinking if this column had been published, a LOT of people would have read it. And probably complained. So that's why the editor said to send him something else.
But I thought I'd run this anyway. Because if you are going to do borderline bad taste in commemorating a terrorist act, fuck that. Go full-bore, balls-deep bad taste. I did.

Sixteen years ago, on September 10, September 11 was just the next day. For my parents, or rather my mom, it would mark her 47th anniversary. My father had passed away in August of 2000.
I didn't realize that fact until I saw their marriage certificate a few years ago. Because in 2001, I don't think she was thinking about that trip to Angola in 1954, the justice of the peace who married my paren…

NaNoWriMo 2016

I'm at 30,005 words right now. The target is 60,000 words. I'm not sure if I can squeeze the story in. if I reach 60,000 words by November 30, I will be satisfied. Since this is my master's thesis as well, my target there is 100 pages, which I'll reach no problem.

I do want to get the novel finished and polished before a writing conference in February. I think I'll have to submit some of my writing to this one too. I really hope I am accepted, as it has been a long time since I've been to New York City as a tourist or anything else. I did pass through as a truck driver, and I'm glad to say I drove a semi in NYC, but I understand those truck driving ads where they say "no East Coast." #themoreyouknow

NaNoWriMo and IPFW's Fall Student Reading

I participated in my second IPFW student reading yesterday, and it went well. There were some really talented people there. I read an excerpt from chapter two of Spanked! where Connie and Trevor have sex, and the bed collapses on Libertarian, the cat. Don't worry, Libby escapes with just a broken leg. My word count is 28,173.

Seems though, I can't escape from my past. One of my weirdo former friends showed up at the event, presumably to read something, but chickened out at the last minute. In case you've been keeping score, this is the guy who came from California to Puerto Rico to visit me when I was on vacation, and the same one who hung out with me in Chicago, and shared a hotel room with me, WHILE HE WAS ENGAGED.

He also came to the Graduate Colloquium I was in last spring. He looked in my direction constantly and was smiling, but didn't come to say hello after the event.

It's okay, really. I expect him to come to my book signing next semester, but not say anyt…

Another Rerun

An oldie but a goodie. We probably all need a laugh right now. I thought this was going to be a regular feature. I thought I'd critique dating site profiles. I was having fun with it, but then it seemed like the profiles were the same thing repeated over and over. Some were even stolen, as I'd seen the exact same words used by several different men. 
Plus, I get bored extremely easily, which is another reason why I stopped doing them. Maybe I will look for some less mainstream dating sites, and start these back up again.
This ran in January 2016, and I think it was the second post on this topic.

Time for another installment of Creepy? Creepy How?
A big thank you to fellow Bruin Tim S. for creating this hilarious (and horrifying) meme of Buffalo Bill paired with an actual excerpt from a guy's dating profile (typos and creepy vibe intact.)
In case you are late to the show, I've been scanning through some dating profiles and laughing my ass off. I've posted some exce…

Makin' Music

Here's my first remix of Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode.

In Response ...

to an awful week (I couldn't get access to my anti-depressant, great timing, amirite?) throwing up a $42 dinner, and the death of Leonard Cohen, I couldn't resist making this meme.

My current view


My Current View


Doing NaNoWriMo This Year

Hoping I can get Spanked! finished in November, and finalized over winter break. There's another writing conference that I would like to be accepted to, which happens in February. I'm at 5000+ words right now.