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Some Thoughts on 2010

I spent Christmas Eve doing some last minute shopping with a friend. Id’ stopped by her house to drop off her gift, and she made a comment about having to get a gift. I said she’d better hurry, because it was five to three. She asked if I wanted to come along, and we spent a pleasant couple hours looking at stuff. I got home and put everything away and I got ready to go for a walk with Daphne.
Then there was a knock on my door. A truck was parked in the driveway and I figured it was a neighbor. No, it was a scraggly looking guy who gave me an ornament. “It’s a light for your tree,” he said. I took it, reluctantly. Never mind that you can’t see my tree from the front windows. He asked me if I’d seen something out at Village at Coventry, and I said no. While he was talking nonsense, I discreetly locked the screen door.
He left, and I waited to see if he would visit any of my other neighbors. No. He backed down the driveway and drove off.
Nothing happened. I’ve got a rather run-of-the-mill …

Crappy Gift Ideas 2010