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Bangles That Fit!

For years, I couldn’t wear bangle bracelets because they were just a tad too big for my wrists. The rest of me is fat, but I can encircle my right wrist with the thumb and forefinger of my left hand no problem. Thankfully, H & M carries bracelets in size xs/s. I’m beginning to like this store. It’s like the Ikea of clothing. Now, if Ikea comes to Fort Wayne, I can get cool clothing AND cool furnishings for cheap.

They Deserve to Go Down

I wanted to pay my post office box fee, so I decided to go to the mall and take care of it there. Only I couldn’t. They said I had to take care of it at the location where I have my post office box. So then I decided to go home and pay it online. Except I couldn’t. How is it that I paid for it online the last time the fee was due, but I can’t pay it now? Even doing a new account wouldn’t help me. So my box will be closed until I can pay it. The post office deserves to go bankrupt if you can’t pay for your p.o. box at any location.

Very Random Shit

My house is a mess. I was looking for my ink pads today in order to make my own Christmas cards. I found the stamp I wanted to use, but I didn’t have any ink. I looked and looked, but couldn’t think of where I put them. I tried to put all my craft stuff in one of my craft boxes designated for storage. Found all sorts of shit though, besides the ink pads. One thing was an unopened package of Christmas cards, so much for trying to make my own this year. Maybe I still will, but probably not. I may just experiment with the package of blank cards I bought and the colored cardstock I bought too. Damn it! And of course, I found the opened package of blank cards I bought seven years ago for a Kentucky Derby party. Oh well, the ink pads, should I ever find them, are probably all dried up, as I bought the pads the year of the Derby party. I really liked the way my invitations turned out. I actually found one tonight and I’m still impressed by what I came up with.

I used one of my dad’s belts to …

A Day Out

I went out by myself today. I had to go to the doctor. It was a good thing, because yesterday, I woke up with a stomachache and the worst bloating I’d had in a while. Then, before going to bed, I basically threw up everything I’d eaten that day. Dried cranberries, toast, pizza. And I also pooped it all out. I was pretty well cleaned out after I was done. I told the doctor’s office about it, and they seemed pretty nonchalant about it. Flu, they said. They checked my incision, and it looks “wonderful.”

I worked on getting info for another column, after I’d had lunch, then I came home. My moods are pretty up and down. One minute, I’m feeling okay, the next, I’m wracked with regret. As well as worrying about my finances. I’m not the only one in this boat, but I feel like an idiot for getting myself in this situation, and struggling so hard to change it and not having anything get better. Two steps forward, ten steps back.