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Finally, a New Post

Happy Birthday to anyone reading this who just happens to have a birthday today!!!

Banned from the Fort Wayne Reader!!!

A customer came in today, and told me she read my column. It really made my day, because most of the time, I wonder if anyone reads it. I feel like Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller's Day Off: "Is anyone reading my column? Anyone? Anyone?
I'm thinking if this column had been published, a LOT of people would have read it. And probably complained. So that's why the editor said to send him something else.
But I thought I'd run this anyway. Because if you are going to do borderline bad taste in commemorating a terrorist act, fuck that. Go full-bore, balls-deep bad taste. I did.

Sixteen years ago, on September 10, September 11 was just the next day. For my parents, or rather my mom, it would mark her 47th anniversary. My father had passed away in August of 2000.
I didn't realize that fact until I saw their marriage certificate a few years ago. Because in 2001, I don't think she was thinking about that trip to Angola in 1954, the justice of the peace who married my paren…

NaNoWriMo 2016

I'm at 30,005 words right now. The target is 60,000 words. I'm not sure if I can squeeze the story in. if I reach 60,000 words by November 30, I will be satisfied. Since this is my master's thesis as well, my target there is 100 pages, which I'll reach no problem.

I do want to get the novel finished and polished before a writing conference in February. I think I'll have to submit some of my writing to this one too. I really hope I am accepted, as it has been a long time since I've been to New York City as a tourist or anything else. I did pass through as a truck driver, and I'm glad to say I drove a semi in NYC, but I understand those truck driving ads where they say "no East Coast." #themoreyouknow

NaNoWriMo and IPFW's Fall Student Reading

I participated in my second IPFW student reading yesterday, and it went well. There were some really talented people there. I read an excerpt from chapter two of Spanked! where Connie and Trevor have sex, and the bed collapses on Libertarian, the cat. Don't worry, Libby escapes with just a broken leg. My word count is 28,173.

Seems though, I can't escape from my past. One of my weirdo former friends showed up at the event, presumably to read something, but chickened out at the last minute. In case you've been keeping score, this is the guy who came from California to Puerto Rico to visit me when I was on vacation, and the same one who hung out with me in Chicago, and shared a hotel room with me, WHILE HE WAS ENGAGED.

He also came to the Graduate Colloquium I was in last spring. He looked in my direction constantly and was smiling, but didn't come to say hello after the event.

It's okay, really. I expect him to come to my book signing next semester, but not say anyt…

Another Rerun

An oldie but a goodie. We probably all need a laugh right now. I thought this was going to be a regular feature. I thought I'd critique dating site profiles. I was having fun with it, but then it seemed like the profiles were the same thing repeated over and over. Some were even stolen, as I'd seen the exact same words used by several different men. 
Plus, I get bored extremely easily, which is another reason why I stopped doing them. Maybe I will look for some less mainstream dating sites, and start these back up again.
This ran in January 2016, and I think it was the second post on this topic.

Time for another installment of Creepy? Creepy How?
A big thank you to fellow Bruin Tim S. for creating this hilarious (and horrifying) meme of Buffalo Bill paired with an actual excerpt from a guy's dating profile (typos and creepy vibe intact.)
In case you are late to the show, I've been scanning through some dating profiles and laughing my ass off. I've posted some exce…

Makin' Music

Here's my first remix of Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode.

In Response ...

to an awful week (I couldn't get access to my anti-depressant, great timing, amirite?) throwing up a $42 dinner, and the death of Leonard Cohen, I couldn't resist making this meme.

My current view


My Current View


Doing NaNoWriMo This Year

Hoping I can get Spanked! finished in November, and finalized over winter break. There's another writing conference that I would like to be accepted to, which happens in February. I'm at 5000+ words right now.

This is why I quit

To those who tell me not to give up:

I implore you to go out and beat a dead horse. Hit it until it comes back to life.

That's how it feels for me. Every day.

My current view cedar point


I miss you mom

Wilhelmina Norma Marie Meyer "Jane" Diaz 21 February 1931  8 October 2004

I Can Haz Feedback?

Chapter Three
            I fought with the late afternoon traffic while making my way from the south side of Three Rivers to the north, where 24/7 Fitness was located. In a few miles, I could get onto the highway and zip up to Chalmers Road.             But crawling through rush hour made me think about what was going on in my life. Trevor and Blake. Two total opposites. The honeymoon period had worn off with Trevor. I felt like I was still working on our relationship, while he wasn’t. I wanted some romance, and I hated that I had to initiate date night, as well as pay for it. Through the dinner and the movie, Trevor would sit silently, as if enduring the tedious burden of free food and entertainment. I remembered the anniversary of our first date, and bought him a gift and a card. He just sat on the receiving end, while I felt like a plate spinner, frantically trying to keep the Corelle Dinnerware (or similar) from crashing to the floor while Katchaturian’s “Sabre Dance” played in th…


I had a shitty day today.

Just so you know.

My Current View


A Rerun from January 2009

New Restaurant For Downtown Fort Wayne
Coming to downtown Fort Wayne just in time for the opening of Harrison Square is Peckers, a restaurant catering to female sports fans. “Pecker Boys” will wear yellow Speedos and serve chicken planks, fries, and will offer “lite” fare for sporty ladies looking to watch their weight.
A spokesperson for Peckers says Fort Wayne is an “ideal” location for the new fast food chain, a feminist response to Hooters.
“If women agree to serve food to fat guys too chicken to walk into a strip club, and are willing to work for $2.33 an hour plus tips, we figure we can find men who are willing to wear skimpy swimsuits and do basically the same thing.”
The spokesperson admitted that because of the Peckers philosophy of finding comely, fit men to be Pecker Boys, the entire Fort Wayne staff was imported from more physically fit areas of the country, like Southern California.
“If Hooters doesn’t have fat-ass, ugly women, we feel we shouldn’t have fat-ass, ugly guy…

Creativity Abounds featuring Shameless Self-Promotion

I've had a really cheap music software program for a while, but never really figured out what kind of music I wanted to create. Since going to Hush, I figured it out. So, here is a shortened version of something I made the other night. It's not perfect, but I like it.

I also threw in some info about my erotic fiction. Speaking of which, I uploaded the first chapter of the revised version of The Trainer, which is now entitled Spanked!

You can check it out here.

And what got me interested in EDM? Blame this guy.

Hey Kids! It's Time for another "Where Do You Meet These People?" NSFW!

Subject: male
Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
How We Met: Uber driver gave me his number
Length of relationship/friendship: March 2016 to August 2, 2016

I was having continual car trouble on and off from November 2015. It was right after I came back from a wonderful week in San Francisco. Figures--less than 48 hours back home and everything goes to shit.

One of the Uber drivers I used in March gave me the number of a mechanic starting up on his own. She sung his praises. His prices were very reasonable and he was honest.

To his credit, he fixed what was wrong with the Neon. Or rather, he took it some place that figured it out. This, after McMahon Tire and Goodyear either "fixed" the problem and charged me, or looked at it, pronounced the car fine, and charged me $50. He charged me less than it cost for McMahon to "fix" it--and he actually FIXED it. (Crank sensor.)

So I took my car to him again. His shop was close to my house, I could walk there if I needed to. And he was ve…

Please Vote Again!

Vote Often!!! You can vote once a day. So please vote! Thanks! Here's the link:

Vote Often!!!

You can vote once a day. So please vote! Thanks! Here's the link:

I Remember the Thunder

I guess it was a good thing that I went to Cedar Point again yesterday. It was the sixteenth anniversary of my father's death.

Like then, it was a beautiful day. I was up early, like I was then. So the trip was a nice distraction (and a lot of fun).

But when I got back last night, I thought about how long it had been. And how it seemed like no time at all. Dad had been sick for some time, and watching him being assisted by a home health care assistant caused me to almost faint. I couldn't believe that my dad was so weak, he needed help.

I loved him so much.

One of the things I remember most about my dad is about how he smelled. It was a combination of tooth paste, hair oil, after-shave, and soap. Even when on the weekends, he was clean-shaven. The only time he wasn't shaven is when he was sick. I knew that if dad didn't shave, he was seriously ill.

I didn't talk to him much about the final diagnosis. He probably wouldn't have lived through the biopsy, but he pr…

Please Vote!

This is the link to my photo! Please vote!

The Picture

This is the picture I was talking about. Voting for this picture starts tomorrow, August 1, at noon. Here is the page for it:
Please vote for it. The grand prize is $15,000 and I sure could use it. I will be posting this same page for a little while. Also Twittering it as well. And Facebooking it. If you like it vote. And be sure to share the link!
P.S. No, it wasn't taken at night. This was taken at 11:57 a.m. June 21, 2016.

Are You Going to Allen County Fair?

Parsley, sage, rosemary, and, oh forget it. More like elephant ears, pork tenderloins and fries. This IS 2016 in the United States after all. No true loves of mine exist here, so let's get the show started, shall we?

Yours truly won two blues and two reds. I entered the last photo in the photography contest. Voting starts August 1 at noon, and yes, I will be posting the link so that you can vote. I can use the grand prize money of $15,000, so please vote often!
Yet the poster says nothing about sticking my finger up my ass. I know from, um, other people I mean, that I shouldn't do that.
Pretty nifty. At $95,900, it's way out of my range, but it's been one of my goals to get something similar and drive around the country and take pictures. The guy I spoke with says driving around the country is a pretty common desire. Maybe someday, with a used one.
I love the fair, because there's so much stuff to learn and discover, including free spi…