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She seems cool so check her out

Company Meeting

I asked the DJ to play some R Kelly so I can get my strip on, but I really can't afford to get fired right now.

Happy Birthday, Mom

Mommy and me, circa early 1970s.

Wilhelmina Norma Marie Meyer
21 February 1931
8 October 2004

Alameda! Allllameda! Alameda! Alameda! Aleeedmeda!

So today I went to Alameda. I was invited there by someone I met at last year's conference. I lost her contact information, but luckily, she was volunteering again.

We've been through some bad stuff, and trying to figure out how men's minds work (impossible) family members who won't talk to us, and the general bullshit of life.

It is so nice to talk to someone who "gets it." We layghed, we cried, and had a great day.

No, I did not eat the dish named after me. I chickened out and my old standby, the fajitas.
Rebellious door is rebellious.
This is where we ate. ¡Delicioso!
I love sunsets and beaches.
Shopping at Ulta!
That's the sun, not a nuke going off.

More San Francisconess

You see all sorts of musicians, but you never see cello players. This was my instrument in high school so I had to listen for a little bit. He was good.
I can't remember if this is that one house that was sandwiched between two big buildings and it was selling for a crazy amount of money but it's cute even if it's not the right house. # therentistoodamnhigh
¡ El Gato Satanico!

Is Audi trying to diversify by selling mannequins? Not sure about that marketing strategy. #audiwhatthefuck
It certainly is! Go Komets! #imissyouIHL70sera
Are you f****** kidding me?  #fortfinancialcreditunion
Nice commentary. #Nothatisnotmyhandwriting
I always wanted a concert grand piano. # wishIwastalentedenoughto deserveit
What cool chairs! # thatsparklyfacethough

What Up, Pitches????

Two agents are interested. I guess I can write a helluva pitch.

Chinatown Again and San Francisconess

Gonna take you down to Chinatown. Happy Chinese New Year!
Between King Kee's last night and Chef Hung today, the 12-year-old girl inside of me is laughing hysterically. #irefusetogrowup
All this food for $7 including tip. Thank you, Yummy Dim Sum for feeding me on the cheap. #poverty
A cat in Chinatown.  #thatsallimgoingtosayaboutthat
I thought this was inappropriately funny. #marketing

I hope that this becomes a park, or affordable housing, but being that this is the United States, I'm sure they will build luxury lofts at only $10 million each. #capitalism #therentiswaytoofucking high #fortwaynemostaffordablecityinthecountry

Yeah, just park it in the drivew--oh never mind.
Isn't this the store for size 1 chicks/eight-year-old girls? #handbagsareonesizefitsalljustsayin'
This one sells sushi! #trendy
I find this picture sad. Lots of variations on this. #therentistoodamnhigh

More San Francisco

Ford's new sleeper bikes.
Really funny to see one of these in San Francisco.
 Sushi in Walgreens. We're not in Fort Wayne anymore.
 The 12-year-old girl inside me is laughing and snorting with glee.
Anne Perry rolled her eyes at me when she was sitting at lunch. I tried to talk to her, but it was very loud in the room and I couldn't hear her. However, I could hear the guy next to me just fine. #atleastigottotalktoafamousmurdererandlivedtotellaboutit

Ms. Perry, How Do You Know When You're Done Editing?

I asked murder mystery novelist Anne Perry when you,know you're done editing.

Her response: "Hire an editor."


I'm at Fruitvale Station


Can I Just Get a Couple Slices????

A beautiful Friday night in San Francisco, and I forgot it was Friday, so Uncle Vito's  was packed. Got on a cable car, and got yelled at (???) and my ticket refused for some weird reason. So, when we hit the end of the line, I got off and Googled "cheap pizza San Francisco" and ended up here.
The two slices weighed three pounds (sure felt like it) each and I also got a soda, for $12 or something. I'm super-poor this time aroumd, so living large at Top of the Mark is out of the question.

But Powell Street Pizza will be my new go to for SF pizza, unless there's another place offering a slice and soda for $5 each or something.

Told the guy who served me this would be my new go to place for pizza. He also called me "miss", which is a rare thing these days. Had to tip him

Talk about pigs in shit!

West Coast Sweaty Chic

Someone just now asked me if I were Californian. Must be the leggings and jewelry.

Tattoo You

There's a guy on the BART Dublin/Pleasanton Line giving another guy a tattoo with a Sharpie.

Thanks Nicholas and Jay for letting me snap pics!



As I was walking around, I heard what sounded like gunshots. Then I realized it was fireworks. You can never be too careful, but with the way things are in the U.S., you can bet I was on the alert.



Across from me is a young couple. She is crying about a sorrow unknown.

Her arms are wrapped around him while a love song plays overhead. They don't say anything.

It's like a movie or something.


Ew ...

I'm sorry, but if your dating profile user name is "jizzman" or variations of that, I won't date you.