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Mini Movie Monday! (This one's original!)

I am not sure why the video quality is so poor on this one. Sorry about that. This is a hailstorm we had on Easter Sunday, after a pretty decent day weatherwise in Fort Wayne. I saved some of the hail, which was about the size of shooter marbles. It was a pretty cool thunderstorm too.

Creepy? Creepy How? 3-25-16

Meme by Tim S.

Enjoy each day with the beauty of my life and treat her as if she was the only one ever.........a natural beauty all that makeup is for the birds........ I’ve had cosmetic surgery, so I wonder how he feels about that. Plus, makeup is fucking awesome. NYX is my favorite brand now. Oh, go fuck yourself dude.
I hate winter and the cold. And I’m okay with it, so, NEXT!
im 5o feeling good,loking for trusting partner to share life with,never tryed this befor ,been maired over 18 years and deivorsed 3years,trust is a bigg part of a good thing.............................. Y U no can spell?
It's hard to be shy in a city full of beautiful women. Dude’s from Fort Wayne. I wouldn’t describe this town as full of beautiful women, but I will say the women DO look better than the men. And aren’t some men intimidated by beautiful women??? Yet this dude is single. Huh.
I love fires and the lake! The lake, the lake, the lake is on fire….whoops, wrong song.
My confidence can be low at times, bu…

Mini Movie Monday!

I discovered this song on the p.a. system at work. Yeah, it's a few years old, but it's catchy.

Creepy? Creepy How??? March 19, 2016

Meme by Tim S.
Here is another installment of wacky dating profiles and my mean-spirited responses. I feel like the well is running dry on horrible profiles, so I'm on a couple of other websites. Enjoy!

Get this out of the way first: A lot of women seem to be looking for guys who make over $100,000/year. Less than 5.63% of the entire US population makes this, which in the town of Jackson, assuming 1/2 the population is male (about 4700?), 5.63% of that leaves you with somehow around 260 (but we all know that this is very unlikely to be the reality) so really, you are probably talking about more like 80 guys in town for all you gold diggers, and then...what are the chances these guys, if smart, dont know that women might 'use' them for their money, and if not that, then they are alcoholics, narcissists, emotionally unavailable, and beyond? Wait-! what about that essential 'chemistry' and all that other yummy stuff that love is suppose to bring-did you forget about t…

Mini Movie Monday!

Not an original video, but a fun remix of one of my favorite songs.

Dream Dude Final Installment! (Part Whatever of Infinity Gazillion)

Gloria: Did you have any luck? Gloria: Of course not! Men hate me, remember? I ended up writing a column about it. My shitty/bizarre experiences with men are always fun to write about.

Gloria: So would you write about a good experience with a guy? Gloria: I have, but the good dates aren’t funny enough. It’s really hard for me to make fun of an awesome guy, or an awesome dating experience because there’s no point. The awesome guys or dating experiences just aren’t funny. The disaster dates are so much fun to write about because they are laughable—well, unless you get raped. That’s not laughable. But the good dates…those are the ones you replay in your mind over and over…

Gloria: Anything else? This interview is fucking LONG. Gloria: I’m not for the faint of heart. If you want a Stepford chick, good luck with that. I think I can do formal events, but at the same time, I like getting my hands dirty while planting a garden. I like dressing up at times, but I don’t consider myself a girly girl.…

Friday Night Creepy? Creepy How???

Meme by Tim S.

More online dating madness and snarky responses!!! Be careful out there kids!
Im a good man i work every day i make good money but ..i want someone that will love me for me not my momey.. Im very loyel .. Sorry i cant spell to good .. My grandma raised me to be a gentalmen .. I dont play games if yoir a player or a con- artes .dont bother me ok .. Im a one women man .. If im with someone there is no other .. If your a good loyel women lets talk and get to know each other better cant wait to find the speshal lady. ... please no skanks I’m surprised he spelled “skanks” right. If you spell this badly, can you actually hold down a job? How did he get one in the first place???
She needs to like experiment. You are NOT experimenting on me!
I have a little girl she is 6 months old and she's the love of my life and who ever I meet will have to except her as well It’s “accept”, not “except.” Sometimes, being an English major is torture. 

Oh, and I look much younger than my ag…

Tonight's Reading Material


Mini Movie Monday!

Posting this for a reader. There are no YouTube videos of this band in it's original incarnation (which was more techno-oriented) so I picked a song that the band did back in the day, but one they are still playing.

Behold, Rhapsody in Wax performing "My Sweet Caffeine."

Dream Dude Part Whatever (Why Do Women Like Bad Boys? I Sure as Fuck Don't!)

Gloria: What about bad boys? Gloria: Ugh. If any guys are reading this, honestly, I don’t know why women are so excited about bad boys. I hate them. I guess if you want to bail a guy out of jail, and you like to be treated badly, and you love drama, then hey, go for it. But, ladies, don’t let me hear you crying because the guy is such a shithead. I had to block someone on Facebook, because she had a penchant for bad boys, and she was falling in and out of love every four weeks or so. She’d post memes that said, “Fuck Prince Charming, give me a bad boy with tattoos.” I had to block her, because I was tempted to say, “your appetite for bad boys is part of the reason why you’re in and out of love all the time.” I got tired of seeing the posts, because she really is a nice girl, but…
So I don’t know what the attraction is. Maybe women think they can save these guys, but I don’t want to fix anyone. I don’t want to be your mother. But being a nice guy doesn’t mean you have to be boring. And s…

Michael Moore ...

Liked my tweet. It was a good way to start the morning!

And this was his response:

Sold out in Ft. Wayne! Cool!

Creepy? Creepy How? Strikes Again!!!

Meme by Tim S.
Here are this week's winners!
I have lived in NC my entire life. Yes, I have a southern accent. This is the LEAST impressive thing you’ve got going, buddy. Try working on an Italian accent. Domestic accents just don’t cut it.
Wow, he’s a top-notch typist—said nobody ever.
So tired of the woman waiting for a guy to make a pass when it's just as easy for a woman to say hey I would like to get to know you. Well, if men didn’t hate me so much, and if I weighed 100 pounds and was gorgeous and had 40DD hooters, I’d make the first move. But I don’t, so I won’t. 
Looking for someone who's not afraid to express themselves.Not into complainers! So you basically want someone to express themselves, but only if you get to direct things? Sorry, I’m not into dictators. Or “dick taters”. Bwhahahahahahahahaha!
Birds learn to fly, nev…