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Guess the Gender

A customer insulted me  and then flipped me off. Care to guess the gender?

See!??? It's Not All Bad News!

Yesterday, men were unusually nice to me. Holding the elevator door, waving at me from 30 feet away, etc. I wish I could say it's because I smiled more, or brought St. Patrick’s Day-themed brownies and handed them out.

It wasn't that at all. Men who barely acknowledge my presence were chatting me up. I had one guy I was making paint for walk around to the tinters and watched me make the paint.

It wasn't because of a suddenly improved attitude. I had the same expression on my face as usual and the same concerns.

The only difference was that I was wearing this shirt.

I usually don't wear shirts like this. I chose it because it was green and comfortable.

However, it depresses me to realize I am nothing more,than just a pair of tits. I wore one of my usual shirts today. My co-worker who chatted me up yesterday didn’t acknowledge me today. This is why, when I mixed paint, no one observed me.

Men, this is why women get breast enhancement. It's why we cut ourselves up, st…


Men were especially nice to me today.

Is this God's way of telling me I'm going to die soon?

Profiles of the Gods, and My Snarky Responses to Them, Because I'm Dead Inside

I stopped subscribing to the dating websites, because, well, no one sounded interesting enough to date, except for that one guy who was way younger than I am who never called me back after I beat his ass three times at miniature golf. Plus, it was a waste of money. But maybe I'll pony up some more money eventually so I can make another edition of I Care What I Look Like and So Should You.

Remember, these are actual dating profiles and my snarky responses to them. Boys made fun of me and bullied me for years, I figure it's time to turn the tables on these idiots who now have receding hairlines, baldness, crow's feet, and worn-out bodies. How does it feel, assholes? Not only do I have more hair than you do, but I have way more energy, and even though I'm dead inside, I didn't waste the best years of my life married to some asshole, pumping out kids I couldn't afford to raise once the asshole left me. Yes, guys, because you find me repulsive, I don't have to w…