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Really haven't felt like updating the blogs. I'm busy with papers that need to be done the first week of December, even though the semester doesn't end until the 18th or so.

Grad School Gets Interesting

I really have not enjoyed grad school. I am waiting for interview responses via email for one of my projects. My blog project is done, but I think it's boring. My ethnographic case study I just want to get out of the way, but if my subjects don't answer my questions, I won't be able to answer my question for the project. At least my teaching portfolio seems okay.

However, my "engaged research paper" is something I'm practically drooling over. For the last ten years, ever since I found out about it, I've been obsessed with the Ken and Barbie Murderers, also known as Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. I'd never heard of them until fall of 2004, when I took a trip to Toronto. A kind stranger skated with me, and we got to talking about people and how they are not what they seem. He filled me in on this murderous duo. The next day, I think I went book shopping and since I was on a breakneck pace while on my vacation (wanting to see and do everything on my li…

AShort Video about the homeless and how you can help

Check out my latest video!

Lotta Stuff

I've got several writing projects going on right now, but they are all school-related. And even though I told myself to update the blogs twice a week, it's getting to be a chore that is not pleasant. I know, tragic. I'll have to find ways to keep it going, but it's not like I have thousands of followers/readers, so some days, I'm like, "what's the point?"

Invisible Woman

Went to a club the other night and no one spoke to other than to say, "excuse me" and "are you winning?" (I was playing pool.) I was all dressed up, hair done, makeup done.

Today in class, the instructor asked who was presenting next class. I didn't say anything, just to see what people would say. No one knew, including the instructor. Well, actually I knew. I am presenting next class.

I LOVE when I'm paying $1,000 a class and no one, including the teacher, has printed out a syllabus to see what's going on next class. Really warms my heart.

If You're in the Area...

I will be at the ACPL Author Fair this Saturday, Nov. 8, from noon to 3 at the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana. It's at the main branch, which is downtown. I'll have my books for sale, plus some new stuff and some free chocolate! At least 70 authors will be there, so come down and say hello!


Yes, I forgot to post yesterday. Sorry about that.