Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hope They Were Craftsman

I’ve been messing up at work, but at least I didn’t lose a $100,000 tool bag. Heidi Stefanyshyn-Piper is in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!! Want to see the liberated space tool container? Check out the following link for local viewing times near you.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

It Came To Her In a Dream!

I was at my brother’s house today, and his mother-in-law said she had a weird dream. She dreamed that the whole bailout and financial disaster we’re facing was all a hoax.
Wouldn’t it be wacky if it were?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Creepy Feeling

The other day I was doing some cleaning. I dusted off the piano and picked up the urn that my mother’s ashes were in. For some reason, I didn’t think the ashes were in there. I was examining the urn, discovering the top had been sealed on. Of course, in sitcoms and movies, the urns AREN’T sealed, causing some gross, but hilarious moments. Well, anyway, I didn’t expect the ashes to be in the urn, and I turned it upside down. The ashes that I didn’t think were in there suddenly let loose from the bottom, since they hadn’t been disturbed in probably four years. They fell in what seemed like a big lump against the top of the urn, and it gave me the creepiest feeling ever.
Shortly after that, I had nightmares that my mom was dying again. Sorry mom, for disturbing your peace. Or pieces, as it were.

Friday, November 21, 2008

One Reason Why I Don't Answer My Phone

I’m a little bit sick and tired of not meeting better people. I feel sometimes like I’m surrounded by seriously mental people out to make me miserable. I get criticized for turning the ringer off on my phone and not having my cell phone on. I do it to get peace and quiet. Lately, I’ve wanted to get in my car and drive off. I swear, in the next couple of months, I’m going to treat myself to a weekend away.
Anyway, a former friend is calling me. It’s a hell of a long story, but this is what went down.
This friend supposedly wanted help from me because she had recently adopted a puppy, and was in over her head. She claimed the dog was wild, but she wasn’t. She was just a puppy who needed interaction, training and a yard to run in. My friend had claimed there was a hole in the fence and the yard wasn’t safe to run in. My friend wanted me to take care of her puppy while she went away for a Christmas weekend. She left her kid with her parents while she went off with her boyfriend. I went out into the yard and checked the fence. I didn’t see anything wrong with the fence or any of the gates. I let the puppy out, and she ran non-stop for the better part of an hour. I’ll always be haunted by the way the puppy grasped my forearms with her paws, as if she knew what was going to happen if I left her in the care of my friend.
This friend had kept the puppy shut up in a 2’ x 3’ crate most of the time. She couldn’t let the puppy run around in the house, because the house wasn’t “puppy-friendly” and she couldn’t control the puppy in the first place. The puppy also needed serious leash training, but my friend was just overwhelmed and didn’t want to do anything. She claimed she needed help with this animal, yet when I suggested things she needed to do with this puppy, got all defensive and said, “I’m doing the best I can.” Okay, so if she’s doing the best she can, why does she need my advice?
After I told her that shutting her puppy in a crate for hours on end might be considered abuse by some people, she got mad. She started trashing me on her blog, so I returned her house key. I wasn’t about to hold on to the key, because eventually she would have claimed I stole something. She got upset because I typed the letter that I sent with the key. And if I’d hand-written it, she would have got mad at that.
So she trashed me on her blog, at a rate of about once a week, for four months. She kept baiting me, and baiting me, but I didn’t respond to her incredibly childish attacks. Her rantings were more fitting of a 16-year-old girl than a 32-year-old woman.
Now, she is in the mental hospital, calling me and calling me, saying she “misses” me. She’s wondering why I haven’t returned her calls. Yes, she’s that dumb. You cross me and you can pretty much take me off your friend list, and I will take you off mine. I’ve taken shit from people and have been “dive-bombed” (my term for when I think things are going okay, then out of nowhere, a “friend” pisses all over me) way too many times. I’ve cut this person out of my life as well as another friend who said we were going on a trip once she got her disability money. A week after she got it, she took off with another friend without a word of explanation.
As I get older, I feel like I’m meeting people who are spiraling down. I’m not meeting influential, creative, energetic go-getters. I’m meeting people who are just the opposite. In high school, I felt like my friends in class were the scumbags, the recreational drug users. I didn’t socialize with these people outside of class. I did not have many friends, but they were quality people, one of which I am still friends with to this day. I always thought I was careful not to socialize with people of “questionable” morals or beliefs. But I’m encountering people who have committed felonies, misdemeanors and other crap. I wouldn’t be surprised in the next five years to meet people who are in organized crime, drug dealers, prostitutes, and so on. It’s no wonder I just want to get the hell out of here and start all over again. I know there are questionable people everywhere, but how does someone like me, who’s never been arrested, never been drunk, never been in jail encounter such weirdness? I swear to God, I could walk into a bar with 99 normal guys, gainfully employed, reasonably clean, and not have them talk to me. But the one wacko guy, seriously mentally ill, possibly dangerous, who thinks if a woman smiles at him she wants to sleep with him, will come over to me. My people radar is shot, and I’d rather be alone than surrounded by chaos.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I turned on the television today and saw John McGauley saying that perhaps the rest of the condo project at Harrison Square should be scrapped and perhaps an Imax theater built instead.

Hmmm… seems to me I heard about some woman running for city council last year who had some interesting ideas for downtown, one of which was an Imax theater, and perhaps unique retail, such as stores that don’t currently exist in Fort Wayne, like Crate and Barrel, Ikea, and Dave and Buster’s.

Oh wait. That woman was me.

Despite one of my critics dismissing me as a “foul-mouthed lunatic” (at first I was angry, but then I was flattered, I am who I am, after all) I’m glad that a local person, AND a Republican, realized that building overpriced condos in a city known for cheap real estate, was a mistake. I couldn’t foresee the collapse of the housing market, and I’m not really smart when it comes to money, but even I know in a city where you can get an actual house with a front and back yard for less than $100,000, why would you spend way more than that to live in what amounts to an apartment in downtown Fort Wayne? Especially when there’s nothing down there. Years ago, in the 1950s, there was stuff downtown, and a reason to go there, but that was before shopping malls took business away.

It makes me feel good that one of my ideas got on the air.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I went to a friend’s costume party Friday night and went as Sarah Palin. I won “Most Original,” even though my friend didn’t have a designated prize for that category, which she didn’t come up with. I think her mom did. The thing on my shoulder is Zeus, my Beanie Baby moose.

My friend also went all out on decorations, including her porch. However, the scariest thing on her porch, as pointed out by another guest, was the mail in her mailbox.

DST and the YouTube Video

I remembered the time change Saturday, but then I promptly forgot about it, even though I think I was up at 2 a.m. and could have changed my clocks right on time. Instead, I completely forgot about it. I called Robert Sunday after he got off work, but he didn’t answer. Turns out instead of calling him a few minutes after 5 p.m., I’d called him a few minutes after 4. He called and reminded me about the change. So I changed my clocks. Damn this DST. It’s going to screw me up forever, the same way our garbage pickup day changed and messed me up.

On another note, the previous link is for a YouTube video Robert and I made, with some help from Jeanette Jaquish and Paula Brandt, who also appear in the video. It’s a parody of political debates, with stereotypes of Republican, Democrat and Green candidates.

Sunday, November 2, 2008