Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Like Fifty Shades of Grey? Check Out the Allen County Public Library Author Fair!!!

The Allen County Public Library is a great resource here in northern Indiana. It's one of the top libraries in the United States for genealogy research, and has a huge selection of videos, especially in the downtown location.

Because it tries to use funds wisely, they host an annual author fair. This is to gather authors wanting to promote their books all in one area, all in one day, instead of having authors set up individual book signings/readings.

Some of the authors are self-published, but some have actual honest-to-God publishers as well. It's a chance to meet authors, talk about writing, and get information about self-publishing and epublishing. One author dismissed self-publishing as "printing." The majority of the authors I talked to for a story that will appear in the November 1 issue of the Fort Wayne Reader thought that self-publishing and epublishing is a great thing, and will enable more writers to get their stuff out there. Like Amanda Hocking. Haven't heard of her? She writes paranormal romance. She sent her stuff off to all the major New York publishers, who turned her down flat. She published on Amazon, sent her stuff to book bloggers, and shortly thereafter, became a millionaire. THEN New York came calling. If I'd been Hocking, I would have asked for even more money, and told whichever publisher I went with they had to take out full page ads in several newspapers across the country apologizing for not publishing me in the first place, and apologizing to every writer they turned down.

I will have my books there. Yes, books. Served Cold: Tales of Revenge and Redemption, is a collection of short stories I wrote when I was absolutely furious. A former acquaintance pushed me a bit too far. So I blew up at her on Facebook. Then I called her and left a nasty message on voicemail. And I STILL  wasn't over it, so I sat down and wrote. And wrote. And wrote some more. When I ended up with was a semi-autobiographical collection of short stories where I took the events and made them end quite differently. Bullies die in plane crashes or end up being driven to suicide. Former friends are blackmailed. And ungentlemanly men are tricked into thinking they will get a bullet in the back of the head, instead of getting a blow job. So yeah, these aren't love stories, by any means. But, if you've ever wanted to see the underdog get even, check it out. The Bookmark will have a table set up at the fair so you can buy my books, or, you can get the e-book version here and the print version here. The e-book you can find on Smashwords.com, but deactivate the adult filter, or you won't find it. I call this genre, "semi-autobiographical revenge fantasy fiction." There's a small chance that if you've ever pissed me off, you're in this book, under a fictitious name, of course.

I also write erotic fiction, or what some people call "smut." I write that under the pen name of Janell Elizabeth Meyer. That collection is called Anything For Georgetown And Other Stories. At least two male readers said this was better than Fifty Shades of Grey. Since Shades is so poorly written/edited, I'm not sure how much of a compliment that was. But for what it's worth, the excerpts of my erotic fiction have had more than 60,000 views on short-fiction.co.uk. If you want to purchase this, click here for the e-book, and here for the print version. Yes, you have to deactivate the adult filter for this one too. Hopefully, both links will come right up. They did when I tested them.

And incidentally, the top-selling writer at last year's author fair was me. Self-published me. It probably didn't hurt that I was running a two for $20 deal. But this year, I'm giving away samples of my latest erotic work in progress for FREE. Yes, free while supplies last. I'll also have some chocolate as well. So stop out and see me Saturday, November 9 from noon to 4 p.m., downtown branch of the Allen County Public Library. I'm serving on a panel from 3 to 3:50 p.m., so Dean Robinson of Summit City Noise is helping me out by being at my table while I'm busy talking about my epublishing experiences. Come by and say hello to me, and/or to Dean.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Scarlett O'Hara, I Feel Your Pain

Gone With the Wind was not my favorite book as a child. Nor as a young adult. I had to wait until I was considerably older to appreciate it. It's the same with the movie. Mom used to drag me along whenever it was re-released, and I remember sitting in the Embassy Theatre as a child, watching the epic unfold on screen and wondering what the big deal was about. I had to become an adult to appreciate the film, too. It's not my favorite film, but I can admire the work that went into it.

The only way I'm like Scarlett physically is that I'm a brunette. The other way is that my parents sheltered me to a certain extent. I certainly wasn't rich, but I think my mother wanted to protect me from harm as much as she could. A bout with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis made my early years a bit of a mess, and I think it anguished my mother. As a result, whatever I wanted, I got, as long as my mom could afford it. I relied on my mom to make things happen, to fight my battles, and as a result, when I really needed to fight, or stand up for myself, I didn't know how.

So that's the way I can relate to Scarlett. When my mother died, I had to take care of the house, pay property taxes, car insurance, house insurance, plus my own bills. I ran though the money she left for me. And it's not like I had a career or anything. My finances continued to get worse and worse, and I didn't really have anyone to help me. Scarlett, after she returns from Atlanta and faces trying to manage a house and servants, thinks that her mother should have taught her how to do something practical, like chop cotton or learn how to split wood. However, Ellen O'Hara thought life would have gone on for Scarlett the way it had for her. She'd get married in her late teens, and end up running a plantation. However, the South collapsed.

In my situation, the economy, both mine and the country's, collapsed. While I am not in fat city, I hear tales of adults with education and work experience who have been idle for anywhere from one to three years. Look, I understand not wanting to work retail. Totally understand that. If you have say, $50,000 saved, I understand how you can cut your expenses back to the bone, and live on the hump of savings, But you do realize that the biggest of humps don't last forever, as Rhett Butler once said. Not having the luxury of savings, I got out there and looked for work--work I didn't like, work where I knew I'd be hired because I wasn't tattooed and pierced on/in every square inch of my body, hired because even though it was part time, I needed work.

And for me it's a bit harder. Sure, Scarlett had a bunch of people to support, but she also had what I don't: a tiny waist and plenty of charm. I am invisible to men, unless of course, they are dirty-minded, borderline crazy, or potentially dangerous. Scarlett was able to steal Frank Kennedy away from her sister, use his money to pay taxes on Tara, and after Rhett got out of jail, he helped her buy a sawmill. I don't know any men with money, and if I did, they wouldn't be spending it on me. So applause to Scarlett O'Hara, but at the same time, she didn't really do it by herself. She had a couple of investors. Me, I have no one except for me. What am I willing to do? I'm working three jobs and planning to return to school next fall. It's going to be student loans and scholarships for me, but if a master's will enable me to teach at more than one college, even on a part time basis, I'll be doing something I like. I'll have a set schedule and weekends off, and one day, it might even lead to a permanent teaching position somewhere.

So Scarlett, I understand. Our mothers wanted nothing but the best for us. But despite everything they did, somehow it just didn't turn out the way they had planned. I could have made better financial decisions when I was younger, but wouldn't we all say something like that? I don't envision myself rich, but we both wanted the same thing: money and security. I will probably never be rich, but one thing I know: I'll have to borrow money from a government or get scholarships in order to get there. No businessman husbands or rich gamblers will take a chance on me. So Scarlett, you were lucky, in a way. Me, I'll have to figure something else out.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

If Fort Wayne is So Great, Why Do People Keep Leaving?

I'm becoming more and more suspicious of people who want to try and turn Fort Wayne into a big city. They frequently have grand plans, but not enough money or people to support it, and then they take off.

There was someone here a few years ago who had an idea to rent meeting space to local business owners who wouldn't normally have space to meet in. Here's the problem: we have way too many places to meet for free. The mall, Barnes and Noble, restaurants, coffee shops. Plus, people are cheap, and Fort Wayne people are way cheap.

More recently, I attended a meeting for a locally-based online publication. I expressed a desire to do short videos of local events/businesses. The person with the idea for the website was very receptive to my making videos. So I started on one for a downtown business. I ran into both camera problems and video software editing problems, and I've apologized to the business owner for the delay. However, the website, which was supposed to be up in late August, wasn't. I'm still trying to find it online, because supposedly it's up now. I asked the person who started it to send me the link, which I've yet to receive. I probably won't get it, because the person is moving to Chicago. This person also told me plans were in place to get someone here to take over the site.

And it seems like it never fails. The people who want to push the good parts of Fort Wayne seem to do it right before they more away.

Some food for thought: we have some cheap real estate here, and that would be a great tool for promoting the city. If you want to buy a home, come here. We've got 'em.

But here's the downside of that. More people come into the city, the more crowded it is. Lots of people and limited housing creates crowding, and also drives up the price of real estate. Fort Wayne may not be a cool place to live, but it is affordable. Are we willing to give up affordability for coolness?

Didn't think so.

There ARE good qualities about this city, but this isn't the place to be if you want to be an actress, or a model. Writers can work from anywhere, but I would imagine if you live in the New York City area, it's easier to walk into a major publisher and get some attention than merely sending an email. It takes money to live in a big city. You don't necessarily have to be wealthy, but in NYC, it certainly helps. You get less for your money in a big city.

Fort Wayne seems to be fairly normal. We have crime, but I don't think it is as crazy as some places. The weather can be dreary in the winter, but we've been blessed with a pretty great fall. We are three to four hours away from Chicago, Indianapolis, Toledo, South Bend (Go Fighting Irish!), Detroit, and if you want to visit another country, you only need to cross the bridge or take the tunnel to Windsor, right next to Detroit. It's possible here to buy a house here if you are single. We have a great zoo, one of the top libraries for genealogy research in the country, several public swimming pools, sports teams, festivals and we now have a Costco. I gripe about this town, but there's some positives about this town.

But if I ever get the money, and feel confident enough to make the move, I'd like to move to Toronto, or at least the Toronto area. That being said, I'm not one of these people who are going to come up with a "Make Fort Wayne Cooler" campaign. Fort Wayne is what it is. But if you DO have an idea for Fort Wayne, could you stick around and get it going first? Because coming up with something, then taking off makes it seem like you didn't care much about the town in the first place.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fright Night Fort Wayne (Plus Fashion Parade Zombie Walk Edition!)

Through some sort of fluke, I was only scheduled for four hours today, so I was able to check out Fright Night in downtown Fort Wayne. Actually, it started at 10 a.m., but has events going on all day up until midnight. I'm not much of a Halloween enthusiast, or a party-goer, but I figured it would be something to see at least. Here now are some photos from the event, plus a Fashion Parade Zombie Walk commentary. Enjoy!

These pumpkins were in front of MKM Design on Wayne Street.

The cars were part of the car show at Cindy's Diner. Yes, that is Carroll Shelby's signature. I thought the pumpkin buggy was too cute.

Every little kid's dream: to look dead and ride on dad's shoulders in a parade.

Funny how "parenting" and "prison" both begin with the letter P.

That's not a zombie: that's what your uninsured average American looks like when just released from the hospital.

If he didn't win for "scariest clown eyes ever" he damn well should have.

Cutest zombie EVER!

The 80s are both dead AND alive.

These guys were busier than shit!

The baby was so scary, they HAD to put a blanket over it.

Thanks for telling us, but we've known that for years.

Miss, could you spare a child-sized heart?

This costume was not as effective as it could have been. Some "Dr. Who" reference, I guess.

He's delighted, but she sure isn't.

Remember that show MTV did on furries, or fuzzies or whatever the hell they are? How can anyone think these creatures are sexually attractive?

"Can't talk now. I'm busy being in a parade and texting you."

I want my baby bones, baby bones, baby bones ... Chili's baby bone ribs...

Actually talked to this guy. He really IS that gaunt.

That's why it's easy to get away with murder in Fort Wayne. The cops are chasing live dead people.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Where Do You Meet These People?

Welcome to my first installment of “Where Do You Meet These People?” This series was inspired by something a co-worker asked me, when I launched into a story about some wacky/crazy/scary person I encountered. Names will not be mentioned. Some of these people are former friends, some are people I “met” through email, and some I spoke with by phone. It's because of these experiences that I try and distance myself from people, and why I haven't seriously put any effort into meeting men on dating websites. Because even the people you think you know well can do things that make you wonder if they are suffering from brain tumors. So here's WDYMTP number one.

Subject: male
Location: Hamilton, Ontario Canada?
Relationship/friendship length: seven months, estimated
How we met: Through the Internet, but never in person

Years ago, I had a 'zine. I got an email from some guy in Hamilton, Ontario. At the time, my mother was in the last months of her life, although I didn't know it yet. I was trying to take care of her, and at the same time try and make her well again. During this time, I was emailing this guy. Seems he'd seen my 'zine and decided to write me.

I admit I was pretty vulnerable at this point. I'd not dated in years. The guy I'd been hanging out with, the guy who said for years he wasn't going to get married and have kids, ended up marrying a single mom five weeks after he came to Chicago to visit me (he might be a subject for a future WDYMTP). So since he moved across the country with his wife and stepson, being friends and hanging out were out of the question. I'd come to the wedding reception, at the invitation of his brother, and my former friend was furious, because it seemed his wife was completely jealous and insecure. I'd found out later on he'd yelled at his sister, the brother who had invited me and his mom, all because I'd showed up. Anyway, on with the Canadian guy's story.

I started looking forward to the Canadian guy's emails. I told him I would come for a visit when I could manage it. I couldn't leave my mother, and I didn't.When she did finally pass, I wanted to take a trip. My brother was driving me crazy with his verbal abuse. I felt I'd have a breakdown if I didn't get away. So I decided to take a trip to Toronto. I figured I could get a new lease on life, and maybe meet this guy. I'd sent him copies of pictures of family members (stupid, I know, but at least I didn't send him the originals) and opened up to him emotionally. I told him I was coming to visit, but the closer it got to my trip, the more things seemed “off.”

For starters, he wouldn't call me. He kept making the excuse that his dad lived with him, and was an alcoholic, and therefore he couldn't call me and talk to me in peace and quiet. I started to think he could buy a cellphone and drive somewhere and talk to me if he really wanted to. Except he didn't. I gave him my number, but he never, ever called.

He told me he had a couple weeks of vacation coming, and he wasn't planning to go anywhere. Then, ten days into his vacation, he said he was going to England. He said he wouldn't be back in time to meet me, even though he'd be back in plenty of time for my arrival.

He sent me a fuzzy picture of his tattoo, and that didn't look right either. It looked fake.

When I told him I would be driving up to Toronto, he offered to meet me halfway with some of his friends. I really didn't want him to do that.

I told him to call me, but he didn't. I told him when I'd be arriving. I picked a hotel near where he SAID he lived, but I didn't tell him the name of the hotel. I was beginning to get suspicious. A former friend (who might make another installment of WDYMTP) said she was worried about this guy. I bought a present and a card for him, and took it with me. Right after I arrived in Hamilton, I went to an Internet cafe and sent him an email and told him to PLEASE CALL ME and gave him my cellphone number. I got an email back saying he was frantically driving around Hamilton looking for me. So at that point, I gave up. If he wouldn't call, there was no point in trying to meet him, unless I walked around Hamilton wearing a sign with my name on it and asking people if they knew this guy to please come and meet me wherever I happened to be.

So I had a really good trip. I did drive by his house where he claimed he lived, but I was too chicken to knock on the door. So I took my gift (Snoopy on a motorcycle) and left. I remember calling another former friend (who might make an installment of WDYMTP) and crying because I loved Toronto so much I didn't want to leave, and because the guy from Hamilton didn't want to meet me.

I get back and we start emailing again, but we eventually get on Yahoo chat. Soon, I'm getting off work from my second shift factory job, and getting online and chatting with him. Talking with him is like walking a tightrope that's fraying and on fire. The least little thing sets him off. He'll leave in a huff. Then he'll get back on, saying he's sorry. This yo-yo, fucked up “relationship” continued.

Valentine's Day is looming, He cons me into giving him my mailing address, saying he wants to send me flowers. Of course, he gets into a fight with me the day before Valentine's Day, and I don't get any flowers.

The last straw comes when he confesses he has to tell me something important. He says he needs to know that I'm going to love him unconditionally. I say I can't make a promise like that, because I can't. We go back and forth, back and forth, and then he finally confesses to me that he's a hermaphrodite.

Uh huh. A HERMAPHRODITE. So, I'm done. Finished. This guy is probably up in Hamilton, or wherever, laughing his head off for yanking my chain for months. This experience is probably why I loved the movie Catfish so much. Because I can relate. And I even drove up there to meet him, but his refusing to call me was the big tip-off. That, and the fact that he said he had a two-week vacation, and said he wasn't going anywhere, then ten days into it, he says he's going to England.

So I hope this guy goes to hell for stringing me along. I feel completely foolish for thinking that I've met a nice guy, in a country I love, and that we would meet and he would accept me. Once burned, forever shy. I'm on a site to promote my erotic fiction, and occasionally I'll get friend requests from guys, and when I'm on there, I'll get guys wanting to chat, but I feel like I can't trust anyone ever again, either through the Internet or in person. I hate myself for being as old as I was and so gullible, like the hopeless, dateless, dorky-looking teenage girl I was and still feel like.  

Friday, October 11, 2013

It's a Guest Post By Elaine!!!

Hey--Gloria here. I met Elaine through John Scalzi's Whatever blog. He had one of those things where you could plug your stuff in the comments--blog, book, product, whatever. So I read through the comments and came across Elaine's blog. I liked it, so I asked if we could guest post on each other's blogs. She graciously accepted, and here's her first effort.

Stuff I Just Don't Get

The other day over on the knitting forum where I hang out quite a bit, someone started a thread titled "Hype I Simply Don't Understand". It's been entertaining, seeing all the "disagree" clicks some of the posts have been getting as people get upset when someone doesn't "get" something the disagreeer loves.

I don't get that, to be honest. I love some stuff that a lot of other people really, really don't like. "Doctor Who", for example. I was raised to be a geek, and science fiction is one of the things I geek out over most. "Doctor Who" is my favorite science fiction, at least on television. Sometimes, when I say something about the show, or the Who convention I go to in Los Angeles some years, people will tell me emphatically that they do not like the show, do not approve of the show, and that they think it is a waste of time.

And then they get all astonished when I don't get upset about that. "But, but...," they sometimes say, "You love that. Why don't you get mad when people tell you they don't like it?" They aren't any less confused when I explain that I think it would be a really boring world if everyone liked all the same things.

Some of them don't get that at all.

And I kind of get that they don't get that, because there are things I just don't get, too.

Elvis Presley, for example.

I've never understood the big deal about Elvis. I don't think he was that great a singer. I really don't think he was very attractive. Not even young, thin Elvis. He wasn't much of an actor, either, really, although he got better at that. I do like the last film he made, "A Change of Habit." But that's probably because I've always kind of liked nun movies. Which is kind of weird, since I'm not Catholic.  But, yeah. I don't get Elvis.

As long as we're on the subject of popular singers, I supposed I should admit that I don't get Mick Jagger, either. I generally like the Rolling Stones' music. And I get Keith Richards. Have you read his autobiography, by the way? It's a good book, even if I'm not sure I completely believe all of it. He's an interesting guy. But Mick...well, I find Mick kind of pretentious and boring.

Although, I'll be honest. There is one performance of Mick's that I really love. It was one of the times the Stones were on the old Ed Sullivan Show. The band sang "Let's Spend the Night Together." Only, Sullivan felt that the title of the song, and that line in the song, were just too risqué for his show. Well, it was 1967, after all, and there were quite a few more things you couldn't say on TV then than now. So, Sullivan told Mick that he had to sing "let's spend some time together" instead. And Mick did what he was told. However, if you go to YouTube and find the clip of that song from the show, you'll see Mick rolling his eyes so hard as he sang that line that he had to have hurt himself. It's really kind of funny to watch.

Something else I don't get..."Seinfeld".

I tried to watch that show. I really tried, if only so that I would know what everybody was talking about every week while it was on the air. People kept talking about how funny it was, and how unique, and on and on. I think I only ever made it through one complete episode. As it has been described, it really was a show about nothing. And I know that different people have different senses of humor. I have to admit that I never saw anything funny about it.

There are some other things in the realm of popular entertainment that I just don't get, but in the interest of diversity, I'll to on to some things from other areas that I don't understand.

High heels.

I really, really don't get high heels. A lot of it is probably that I've been known to fall off flat shoes. And I've heard all the excuses - everything from "they make your calves look better" to "they're sexy" to "they'll make you taller." I probably hear that last one so much because I'm short, and apparently being tall is more valued socially and culturally, something else I don't get. But that's another topic for another time.

I don't care if heels make me look like the most beautiful woman who ever walked the face of the earth. High heels hurt, even when you don't fall off of them. They keep your feet in a completely unnatural position for hours on end. That can't be good for the feet. Personally, they give me cramps in my arches. They make my toes ache, especially the ones that are all pointy. They make too much noise when I walk.

Honestly? I can see no good reason for the existence of high heels, except to separate women from their money. My prime example of that? "Sex and the City". I like that show a lot. Except for when the four women the show revolves around start drooling over high heels and how much they cost. I don't get that part at all.

There's something else that the female portion of the species, especially when they are young girls, are expected to "get".


I sometimes suspect that I'm the only female in the entire United States who didn't go though a "horse phase" in late pre-adolescence or early adolescence. Don't get me wrong. Horses are beautiful creatures. But I have never, ever wanted to be around them. Never wanted to ride them. I did ride one once, when I was about five years old and one of those little pony-ride things where the ponies go around and around in a circle came to town. When that ride was over, even at that age, I wondered what the big deal was.

Now, I did ride an elephant one time. That was amazing. I liked that. I like elephants. Not horses, though. I just don't understand what the big deal is about.

This is getting kind of long, isn't it? Sorry. I've got one more, though, that is probably really going to rile some people up. But the point here is to be honest, isn't it? So I will be honest.

I don't get coffee and tea.

Yeah. I heard you gasp in horror. I see you grasping your Starbucks cup to your chest and covering its ears so it won't hear my blasphemy. Sorry about that.

But it's true. I have never liked coffee or tea. And, in the case of coffee especially, it isn't for lack of trying. My father started trying to turn me into a coffee drinker when I was about ten years old. My mother didn't drink coffee, and my dad wanted someone to drink coffee with in the mornings. He really tried hard to convert me to it. Doctored it up all sorts of ways. Cream, sugar, honey. I don't know what all. None of it helped. It all tasted the same, like the bottom of a very old shoe.

The same with tea, whether its hot tea or iced tea. I suspect that I know why I don't like tea or coffee hot, though. In my universe, thing you drink are supposed to be cold. I can't even drink room-temperature water or I get nauseated. It has to be icy cold. That does not explain, however, iced tea and why I don't like it either. But I've given up trying to analyze it. I just don't like it.

So, what things do you not "get"? I know there's something, probably a lot of somethings, that it seems like everybody you know loves, but you just...well, don't. Let me know, either in the comments here or over where I usually blog, at http://littlemissattitude.blogspot.com/ . Or, just come by and visit. There's a fresh post there almost every day.

I want to thank Gloria for the opportunity to write this guest post. I appreciate it a lot.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Enjoying a Cedar Point Halloweekend!

I was able to make it to Cedar Point for a second time this season. I watched September's perfect weather unfold and knew that it would eventually come to an end. It figures that it came to an end on the day I picked to go. Since Cedar Point is only open on weekends from mid-September through the end of October, it meant I had to ask for time off in advance. And I had to hope that the weather would be good.

The day dawned, cool and damp. I drove through the rain, hoping that the air above Lake Erie would blow the clouds away and that the sun would blaze down on me. No such luck, at least not for the first three hours I was there. Because the only large ride that seemed to be running was Windseeker, I decided to give it a shot, even though that ride scares the hell out of me. I've ridden Gatekeeper (most excellent) and Millennium Force (most perfect coaster on Earth) and Top Thrill Dragster with no qualms, but spinning around at 301 feet in the air gave me the willies. Perhaps it was that YouTube video that scared me. One of those rides that spins around with the riders in flimsy chairs dangling from chains collapsed with the riders less than six feet from the ground. That was scary enough, but what if Windseeker fell over during a sudden wind gust, or the cables failed?

It didn't. It was almost like being a bird. It was incredibly windy though. My clear-plastic poncho was flapping up a storm.

I played some video games, then decided to eat the lunch I'd packed. By that time, it was REALLY raining. the day was still relatively young. The park wouldn't close until midnight or so, and perhaps the sky would clear up. I ate, then the rain gradually stopped. The rest of the day was fun. I got to ride Millennium Force twice (once in the dark, which is the ultimate) and took a spin on Mean Streak. I discovered if I sat in the front row, it wasn't nearly as jarring. I tried my luck at a skill game (lost) but was pleasantly surprised to discover if I bought a hatful of rings (your best bet at $10) I got to keep the hat. You can find tips for saving $$$ at CP and a shot of my swanky hat if you go here.

I always get a kick out of the graveyard of "dead" rides. It helps me remember the past. And as an adult, it cleared up the confusion I had when I wondered where a certain ride had gone to. I keep forgetting that CP is geographically limited, and if the suits want to add a new ride or attraction, something has to GO. But here are some shots that I took with my nifty new Samsung Galaxy S III of the graveyard.

Colonel Sanders isn't dead, he just smells like greasy chicken.

I also made a short video. I've been having problems with my digicam and my new editing software. So I took footage with my new camera (amazing) and used Movie Maker, a program I downloaded for free, and which is remarkably easy to use. Fuck you, Magix Movie Edit 2013!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Short Post Today

I'm going to one of my favorite places on Earth! So I hope you have as much fun as I do today!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Finding Beauty Everywhere

I let my dog Daphne out Monday morning. I noticed something hanging off one of the wires in the back of the house. I wondered what it was, then I saw it from another angle. Tethered to the ground, but hanging from what I think was my Internet wire was a spider web. With the fog we had, the beads of moisture look like glass beads. I like seeing stuff like this in nature. People were cursing the fog, but I try to find joy in nature. That's why I like ice storms. I like the thought of something so delicate being so destructive.