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Mission Accomplished

If I  don't talk about it, it has a better chance of happening, it seems.

Feeling a Bit Better Today

I'm still a little tired though. Hoping yesterday was just food poisoning, or just some random flukey thing. Either way, I think it's time for better insurance.


I haven't been this sick in a long time. Don't know what it was, but it was fierce.


Just helped someone at Ultra spell the word announcements. I knew that English degree would come in handy someday.

Mini Movie Monday

Years ago, I wrote an article for a website called Viewshound. They offered prizes every day. I won $50 for my article I wrote about how to be a better retail customer. It was published right around Black Friday about three years ago, I think. I planned to make a series of videos based on the tips I listed in the article. Here is a brief video on one of the points I wrote about. If retail associates seem out of it, or look very tired, it is probably because of the scheduling. "Clopens" are when you close the night before, and have to be back in at 5 or 6 a.m. I also remember one time when I worked nine days in a row before I had a day off. Nine days of working first, then second shift can wreck your sleep schedule.
There are mornings where I had to open and I have no idea what I did. I mean, I did the opening stuff I had to do, but I really don't remember anything else besides that. There are times when we screw up. The customer can tell us specifically what type of pai…


So many questions--about everything, and no answers.

Forty-three years ago today...

I was released from Parkview Memorial Hospital following knee surgery. I was going through some papers in search of a picture, and came across the bill.

The damage? $637.75 for a nine-day hospital stay.  Paying .75 a day for TV (three whopping channels!) was probably a bit much, but I was probably just a bit spoiled.

By the way, the knee has held up quite nicely.

Oh Well...

My date had to leave before the show even started, because he got called into work. Good thing we drove separately.


Two dates in one week is unheard of. Especially for me.


I jogged longer today than I normally do. That's a good thing.

A Visit to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

One of my friends who teaches overseas is in town, and he called me up to see if I wanted to do anything. I suggested a number of things and we chose the zoo. Considering the weather lately, it was kind of a chancy thing to suggest, but the weather was absolutely beautiful today. Sunny and warm, very little humidity, and a breeze. 
I hadn't been to the zoo in probably twelve years. I am usually not easily impressed, but there are some improvements that have been made and some that are on their way, and it was a very good time.
I got a few pictures. These are all from my Samsung Galaxy 3.
Not all penguins like cold weather. This particular variety lives in the southern part of Africa. I had some fun getting a little video of this guy. You'll see it at the bottom.
This is a cattle egret. Banded mongoose. You know, like Riki Tiki Tavi.
A fire bellied toad.
The terrifying giant concrete toad.
A giant tortoise.

If you've ever wanted to feed a reticulated giraffe, you can do it…

Mini Movie Monday!

I noticed my dryer was making an interesting noise, so I taped a few seconds of it.


Sugar overload. I think I'm allergic to it too. Bleh.

It WAS Going pretty fast though...

An hour ago, a Maserati passed me. It was not doing 185.

The Soundtrack of My Youth

I didn't have the perfect childhood, but it sure seemed that way. I was happy, I had friends, and I almost got everything I asked for. I think part of that was because I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and if my mother couldn't cure it, she would make sure I got almost everything I wanted. I never got the horse, or the extra bathroom (my brother took three showers a day) or the answering machine for the phone, but I did get horseback riding lessons and new designer jeans and a phone for my room. 
I remember occasional trips out to Southtown Mall. I remember hanging out in the WGL studios with my dad when he taped his radio show. I remember my mom taking me to Shoaff Park. The Blizzard of 1978. I was homeschooled that year, so I think I had extra time to play in the snow. 
My brother put a damper on things, but I remember adults liking me because I was so outgoing. They couldn't believe this chatty little girl who had no shyness in talking to adults.
That all changed in…

Last night's karaoke set

Was a lot of fun. I went with a friend who teaches in China. It was a really good time. It was the first time I seriously danced in public and said "motherfucker" over a microphone.

My set list, in order:
Shadow boxer
Tennis Court
Fire Water Burn

I've done more socially in the last six weeks than I have the entire school year. The right people make all the difference.

Wednesday at TRF

It stopped raining for a few hours! I went down to TRF early in the day to meet up with a former co-worker who came back to the U.S. to visit with his family. He wanted to eat at Junk Food Alley, so we hung out for a bit and talked. I think I might hang out with him again tonight, to get my karaoke on. Anyway, here are today's shots.

Is "strangling the smurf" a thing? Or am I just imagining it?

What's better than giant hamster balls on land? Giant hamster balls on water!
Professionally painted, professionally misspelled.
The only dog I've seen at TRF so far.
This summer's footwear trend for women? Gladiator sandals. These almost look like leg braces.
A more moderate example.
The look on this pink dolphin's face makes me think she knows she's going to be accidentally killed for tuna.
Cosby, you really didn't rape those women, did you? Did you?  
Little Orphan (pair of) Sandals. More gladiator sandals. Foot bondage freaks, please DO NOT contact me.

Ikea Road Trip!!!

Went  to Ikea today and didn't buy this couch, although I really wanted to!!!
On the way back, Lorie and I stopped at Costco and ate free samples, then got a hot dog and a soda. Where else could you fill up for $1.50??? What an awesome day! And I still remember how to drive a stick shift!!!

A TRF Attraction Video (Mini Movie Monday)

This is the second time I've been in a helicopter. The first time was in Las Vegas. I've never seen my city from a helicopter before, so I bought a helicopter ride and filmed it.


I had an unexpected Saturday off. I could have attended the Everclear/Fuel concert, but I chose not to. I really like Everclear and Fuel, and there were a couple of other bands playing, but I was afraid I'd start crying during "I Will Buy You A New Life" and "Take a Picture." The 90s weren't perfect, but I had a pretty good time. I had a family who loved me. I had a job I liked. I had time to have fun with friends. My whole life seemed ahead of me and there was plenty of time to figure things out. Hearing these songs would trigger emotions that I really didn't want to deal with. I've done enough crying this past month, so I decided to have some fun. I did, however, take in the Lawton Park Flea Market.

The candlesticks are pretty much standard flea market fare, but that wooden dildo-looking thing on the left??? That definitely caught my eye.
That's racist!
The first adult in a wagon picture this year! I love that kid's outfit!

General "…