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Allen County 4-H Fair Fashion Parade! (The Mostly Hot Guys With Hot Hair Edition)

Two people-watching events back to back? Well, I guess it would be three, if you include PrideFest. However, since I had to work the weekend, except Friday evening, I had to make a choice. And I chose the fair because where else can you drive 15 minutes and see livestock without having to drive out to a farm? Unfortunately, I didn't have my phone charger cord with me and my phone pooped out sooner than I did. But I think I got some interesting photos. I will say the ride operators were probably the most attractive I've EVER seen in my life, with some great hair going on. Only one ride operator was in dire need of Weight Watchers and nice clothing. I wonder if he was grandfathered in, and allowed to stay slobby because of seniority? Anyway, enjoy!

I didn't know Lucky Charms could be used for hamster bedding.
Not a ride operator, but he had the hair for it.
Since there weren't really any corners for her to stand on, she got to wear one of these beauties and walk around t…

The Best Laid Plans...

I was planning to go to the 4 H Fair tonight to do some more people-watching, but my car is in the shop.


I DID didn't update Saturday because I had  several posts this week. I didn't think you wouldmind.

Tee Arr Eff Fashion Parade 7-17-14 (Continued)

Here are some more pictures from my last night at the festival. I am not sure if I will get down to the festival Saturday. I put in an 11-hour day Friday, and I'm pretty tired. I may go down for one last time during the afternoon. We'll see. Anyway, on with the show!

When I saw this, I was immediately reminded of the consistency of my shit after treating myself to Food Alley.
She's probably not drunk, but she does look drunk, doesn't she?
After days of single shoes, here's a pair. Never mind that they look like they've been pooped out of one of the animals at the petting zoo--or pooped out by a ride operator.
Chicago Bucket Boy and AirGuitar Balloon Man should be in a band together.

This would make a fun gif. One shot he's good...

the next shot he's off.

Ankle-length shorts? Come ON! Props to his buddy for having shorter shorts, but geez. Why not just wear pants for God's sake? Like that leg on the right side of the photo?
Ombre hair, then ombre sho…

Tee Arr Eff Fashion Parade 7-17-14

Tonight was my last night at the festival, because I have to work at one of my four part-time jobs tomorrow night. I regret not asking for the last two nights of TRF off, but I thought that might be pushing it to have two weekends off in a row. I had the opening Friday/Saturday off because of the concerts I wanted to attend.

Anyway, I got several pictures tonight, and will post the rest of them soon, probably late Friday night/Saturday morning, or perhaps late Saturday night. If I spoke to you and told you you'd be appearing on the blog, your picture will be uploaded on the site very soon!

I had a really good time people-watching and getting pictures. I regret that some shots didn't turn out as sharp as I wanted, and I didn't get a chance to get a better picture of "Blow for a Buck" lady again.

Anyway, if you like this feature, let me know. I'm hoping to eventually attend more events, so I can expand Fashion Parade to other festivals/stuff going on.

This woma…