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The Big Ass San Francisco Photo Album

Because too much is never enough, I took three cameras with me on my trip in November. All three had video capabilities. But I have to say the camera I used the most was the one on my Samsung Galaxy III smartphone. I also got to try my Canon EOS T5 Rebel. I can't figure out why cameras are so macho. Even the box design is full of testosterone. Ladies and gentlemen, EXTREME PHOTOGRAPHY!!!

Anyway, I'm going to label these photos. CP stands for cameraphone, T5 stands for my majorly macho photographic investment. I like the ease of using my cameraphone, but after realizing I've wanted a decent DSLR for the past ten years, I caved. There are worse addictions. For ease of use, I put the Rebel T5 on lazy program mode and shot away. This was helpful when I was on moving vehicles getting shots of the city.

CP Mr. Bill takes on an arm wrestler at Musee Mechanique. If you like all sorts of arcade games and attractions, you'll love this place. I recommend going…

Mini Movie Monday!

Giant music box at Musee Mechanique, San Francisco, California.

Tonight's Playlist

Deep Forest, Deep Forest.

James Kochalka Superstar, Don't Trust Whitey.

New age meets "whack and roll." I needed some "cleaning the house" music that wouldn't make me cry. These albums are not really associated with anything traumatic or wonderful in my life, so these were safe choices tonight.

I actually met James Kolchalka at Wizard World Chicago several years ago. I'd never heard of him, but I bought his CD which is a crazy mix of what sounds like a Casio keyboard and funny lyrics. He also draws comics, and his American Elf is basically a graphic diary. He also autographed the CD for me and drew his Elf character on his photo on the lyric booklet. I didn't know he ended American Elf, but you can read a little bit about it here:

Mini Movie Monday!

It's  too bad this show is off the air. That date I had back in the spring would have made the "Blind Date Hall of Shame" no doubt. If I ever go out again with a stranger, I am insisting on a background check. At this point, I think I am totally entitled AND justified in asking for one. If the guy doesn't think so, he can go fuck himself. A gal's got to do whatever it takes to stay alive.

Shit Like This...

Makes me want to wipe out this entire town. Do you think she just might have issues with men for the rest of her fucking life??? Wish I  could kill this guy and not get caught. I'd be doing society a favor, but if he ends up in prison, I am  sure he'll be  "taken care of."

Considering the Way the Semester Started...

I want to say it was the greatest comeback in a little over 2,000 years...but that's exaggerating.

Just a bit.

This is how I'm feeling right now:

Happy Birthday, Avid Fan!

My biggest fan has a birthday this month. I don't know exactly when it is, but Happy Birthday, Avid Fan!

Whenever it is/was.

Last Night's Reading Material


Blind Date is so Entertaining

Not an original video from me, but it's so much fun to watch!!!!!!!

Tonight's Personality Forecast for Gloria...

Mostly mute with a 100 percent chance of awkwardness.

Tonight's Playlist

"Sexyback" --Justin Timberlake. Probably the only song he's done that I like. Total guilty pleasure.

"Hermetico" --Balkan Beat Box. I belly dance to this one. Thanks, Jason Derulo, for your crappy song that turned me on to this great song. If you're going to steal sample, sample from the best.

 "Move It" --Balkan Beat Box. Another one to move your body to.

"Tom's Diner" Suzanne Vega (DNA Remix) This is the only version I care about. I move to this one too.

"I'll Do You Like a Truck" --Geo da Silva

"Everybody Dance Now" --C+C Music Factory

"YMCA"-- Village People

"Boy Hangover" --Lester Lewis featuring Bonnie McKee

"Pimpin" -- Tian and Styliztic

"Cat People (Putting out the Fire)"--David Bowie

"Various Disgraces"--The Blam

Yeah, I'm watching "Cafe Disco" from season five of The Office.


Right now, it is warmer in Fort Wayne than it is in San Francisco.  AND our real estate is cheaper!!!!!


Wait, What?

Within the past 30 days, I've been described by two people as being "charming" and "very aggressive." I would not choose either one of these terms to describe myself. And I wonder if I really would know how to describe myself to people. It's disconcerting to be seen by others in a way so totally different from how I perceive myself.

The person describing me as "charming" was in Corte Madera, California. The person who said I was "very aggressive" was in Fort Wayne.

I'm convinced this town brings out the worst in me.

Perhaps the next time I am meeting someone to get help with a project, I should crawl in on my hands and knees and keep my head down and tucked to the side. Wouldn't want to appear to be "too aggressive."

Happy Birthday Dad...Wherever You Are...

Dad would have been 93 years old today. He usually had a serious look on his face, but he liked jokes and puns. So here's one he might have enjoyed.

What well-known, inexpensive noodle dish is irritating to the city of Chicago?

Rahmen Emanuel.

Try the veal, folks. I'll be here all week.

Mini Movie Monday! AND an Anniversary!!!

This is some sort of giant music box thingy at Musee Mechanique. It had a warning on it, saying it wasn't considered "music" as compared with our modern definition of it. But I still think it was more interesting than anything Justin Bieber has made.
Also, this is my 400th blog post!

Sunday Night Playlist

It's a short one.

"Condemnation", off the Songs of Faith and Devotion CD.

"Judas", off the same CD.

"World in My Eyes", off Violator. I went to see them in concert on this tour, and we had to get some people to push my friend's car so she could drop it into second and drive home. I remember talking to some people who were following Depeche Mode across the country while they were on tour and how cool that sounded.

Something is Not Right

After a mango margarita and a cini-roll martini, I'm laughing like a maniac and want to go shopping.  It's a little after 1 a.m. Shouldn't I be a little tired???