Sunday, May 26, 2013

Eating a Low Fiber Diet

It's sort of weird that I'm being encouraged to eat a low-fiber diet--but it's just temporary thing. I've just had surgery (again) and in order to give my colon a rest, I'm supposed to avoid fresh fruit and veggies. I'm not supposed to eat fruit with skin on it. And the last time I went to the grocery store, they had bags and bags of bing cherries in. I LOVE bing cherries. But I passed them by.

I just finished a snack of five small sausages and some pulpless orange juice. Prior to that, I had a bowel movement which came out pretty liquidy. What did I have to eat that made that happen? Three slices of pizza, two slices of cheese garlic bread, and some soda. I normally have that kind of bowel movement after tons of fruit and veggies. So go figure. I also threw up early this afternoon. I'm hoping it's the sleep medication clashing with the toast. But it's a bit alarming.

I decided that after this surgery, I would truly, honestly try and eat better. Either go vegetarian, or damn near close. I don't enjoy being fat. And eating a bad diet is expensive, when you pay the price with polyp removal. But being encouraged to eat low-fiber is probably one of those things I'm going to try and enjoy. It is weird though, being told I can't eat raw fruits and veggies automatically makes me want them more. I'm only two weeks away from some bing cherries. Yum.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Long Live "The Office"

Through a quirk of fate, I was able to watch the series finale of "The Office," and also watch some of the retrospective. I've seen seasons 1-5, but didn't get a chance to watch 6-9. I'll watch them eventually, but I was not disappointed with what I saw last night.

Andy Bernard had a great line: "I wish there was some way to know that you're in the good old days before you leave them."  I cried when he said that. Because it's so true. I think we've all felt that way. 

And when Steve Carell pops in to be Dwight's bestest mensch, that 
was a tear-jerker moment as well.

I can understand Pam's not wanting to watch all of the documentary. She grew a lot in that period, but realized she didn't want to watch how long it took her to go after what she wanted. Jim and Pam's romance was heartbreaking to watch sometimes, but it will go down in television history as being one of the greatest love stories ever on the small screen.

There were more touching moments than funny moments in the finale. Some my criticize that, but I thought the show ended on the right note.

And the show made me want to work in a place like "The Office." Okay, so it was fiction, but still, I'd like to have that kind of environment.

And that's what she said.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Our Joyous Modern World

I have to be honest here--I spend a lot of time thinking about the past, because the past seemed like it was a lot more fun. I had time to socialize, travel, see concerts and I didn't have to worry about being too much of a grownup. I had family who loved me, and it seemed like there was always something to look forward to.

All that changed when my mom died. I had to work three jobs just to maintain a modest lifestyle. My brother  yelled at me all the time. It seemed like I didn't have any time to do anything anymore, except work. I lost contact with friends. I would be lucky if I saw certain people once a month.

It would be nice if I could take the best of the past and bring it here to the future, but I can't.

So, since I usually bitch and whine and moan, I decided I would look at the positive of our modern world.

The Internet: Talk about entertainment! And education! For trivia junkies like me, I can look up facts and ask strange questions and get some sort of answer. Sometimes I spend hours on Wikipedia looking up old songs, music groups, movies and all sorts of stuff.

YouTube: This is the place where I was able to watch "Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story," a cult film which Richard Carpenter was really pissed about, because Todd Haynes went ahead and used the Carpenter's music, even though Richard said no. This film is disturbing and touching, and really interesting. Too bad the film looked like it was shot on toilet paper, but I highly recommend it. There's also so many other videos; Parry Gripp can make songs out of any lyrics and make them funny and happy; if you remember when MTV aired videos, you can watch them here, old television programs people have uploaded are on here, and if you want to see figure skating routines from the Olympics, you can find them here too. I love watching Elizabeth Manley's 1988 Olympic long program. She should have won the gold, and I watch this whenever I want to be inspired. Also, if you type in song lyrics from that one song you've always wanted to know the name of, chances are you can find it here. YouTube is one of the Modern World's wonders.

Publishing: If you are a writer, you are living in truly golden times. Turned down by every single publisher out there? Publish it yourself! That's what Amanda Hocking did, and now she's a millionaire. It doesn't mean that you too will become rich, but if you've always wanted to see your writing in print, it is possible. You can have an ebook, or you can do print on demand. I think this last option is amazing, because if you've written something; say an account of your first pregnancy, or a travel journal, or you have a collection of photos, you can publish them. You don't have to buy 500 copies and wonder how you are going to get rid of them.

I went this route with my erotic fiction, Anything For Georgetown And Other Stories, and my other collection of fiction, Served Cold: Tales of Revenge and Redemption. Both are available as ebooks, and both are available in print as well. Here are the ebook links. Click on them, and you will find a link to the print book as well. Here's the one for the erotic fiction:

Here's the one for Served Cold:

Blogs: I published a 'zine during the golden age of 'zines in the 1990s, and now I have a blog. I would say the Internet is way more democratic, because if you have the time and know how, you can promote your stuff, and have a huge following. If you like writing about a hobby that you think is weird, you can make a blog, put it online, and find others who are interested in it as well.

Social media: You can see what your friends are up to, and recommend stuff to each other. There are websites out there that cater to all sorts of interests, and some of them are set up like Facebook so you can meet people as well. You can even reconnect with people from your past. I got reconnected with a friend from a long time ago. We had split apart over something really stupid, and neither one of us reached out for about 28 years. I kick myself for not being mature enough to reach out and say, "I'm sorry." She forgave me. We were so lucky to find each other during a period of time in school that was horrible for both of us.

There are a bunch of things out there I haven't even mentioned, like Skype (which I haven't done) and Pinterest and eBay (I found a watch from my childhood, which I ended up losing on a temp job, but purchased another one from this site) and Google Earth.

You can watch movies and listen to music and watch videos and learn and laugh and cry and express yourself. Every time something bad happens, I think that despite it all, the world really is a cool place, and having the Internet is amazing. The world in the palm of your hand, or on your desk, or on your laptop.