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So as I left work tonight, I was walking down the hallway when the elevator at the other end of the hallway Bonged.

It was 1:45 in the morning. I turned to see if anyone was there. But there wasn't.

I was the only person in the building.

Who requested the elevator?

Before I left, I made a mental note to take the stairs so if the elevator got stuck, I wouldn't be trapped.

And no, I didn't walk back down the hallway to see if the doors opened.

I got out, because I was a bit spooked.

Happy Halloween!

First Time in Twelve Years ...

That I didn't get to Cedar Point this year. I thought about going Saturday, but the weather became more fall-like, after weeks of unseasonably warm weather.

It sorta makes me sad, but since I've been working seven days a week since September 18, maybe it was a good thing to just hang around at home getting some rest and doing what I wanted to for a change.

In other news, I'm kicking ass in terms of work and making a difference. So there's that.


I make the best black bean soup in the world.

I Miss You Mom

Thirteen years ago you left.

The other night I dreamed about you. It was the first time you actually appeared. You held my hand as we went shopping.

I wish I could talk to you and Dad more and more.

I'm scared, but I can't give up, because neither of you would want me to.

I miss the way things were, but I guess it's up to me to create things I can look back on years from now and say, "gee, that was fun."

Still, thank you for being there during the best times of my life.