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'Hunger' Satisfies

I apologize for not writing in the blog for a while. I published my collection of short stories, and now I’m in the process of promotion. Plus, I’m now working four jobs. So I’m busy.
But I took time out to see “The Hunger Games.” I’d not read the book, but I was excited about the movie. I haven’t been this excited about a film in decades. I flew out of work the Sunday of opening weekend like a bat out of hell and made it to the theater in a matter of minutes. I called a friend of mine, and she said she’d make it for the 4:30 p.m. showing. I’d never seen a movie theater that had seven screens devoted to just ONE film.
Was it worth the hype? Yeah, I think so. There were parallels between the movie and modern society: reality shows captivate the nation, we are obsessed with food, and we welcome a distraction from politicians fucking everything up, and chipping away at our rights year after year. Poor people have been dying in battles instigated by the rich since time began. I can totally…