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Vaughan Again NON-Christian: Another Interview With Brandon Vaughan

I've never met Brandon Vaughan, but I feel like I know him. I did an interview with him almost three years ago. Time flies! Read on for an entertaining look into one of the PacNorthwest's best writers! Also, there's important advice regarding stuff you should not do during your first year of sobriety, because Brandon has done all three. Learn from the man, kiddos.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- How's the sobriety? Still off booze and cigarettes? This week I’ll be forty-one months sober. To me, that simply means I’ve almost lasted three and a half years without touching a drop of alcohol. Which isn’t shit, frankly. If I allow it, my sobriety will evaporate. I can’t relax for a moment in recovery. Sobriety is a fucking full-time job. In order to remain sober, I constantly evaluate, process, observe, and remain self-aware. I stay vigilant. When something feels off, I run a system check using the H.A.L.T. method. Am I Hungry?Angry?…

Yeah, it's been a while since I posted

If you earn your own money, you won't be owned by anyone else's.

My Thesis

I bet it's the only one in I.U. history that is chick lit erotica.


At work I had a nice conversation with a customer about blinds, and he bought me some water.

I couldn't believe how nice he was. I wasn't even wearing makeup, or a revealing top.

I guess he's just one out of 3.5 billion men who isn't an asshole.

Okay, TWO out of 3.5 billion men ...

Anyway, it was a great start to a day that ended in flames.