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Gloria's Writing Fiction Again!

I haven't written in nearly three months, but that's because (well partly) I've been writing fiction. That incident with that former acquaintance really pissed me off, and that triggered some inspiration for short stories. So I wrote six of them. With the advent of e-publishing, that means instead of thinking getting published is hopeless, it means that it WILL happen. Perhaps not like how I envisioned it, but at this point, I'm prepared to overlook the fact that one cannot have an e-book signing.

So I've been publishing excerpts of the stories on a short fiction website. Here is the website URL:

I'm trying to sell the "sizzle" before the steak. Hence the excerpts. I'm trying to drum up interest for the e-book. I'm waiting on cover art suggestions from a killer artist that I know, plus I'm polishing the stories. Sometimes I think I'll never be done, because I ke…

The Mean Birthday Card, What I posted on her blog, what I SHOULD HAVE POSTED on her blog


Don't Fuck With Me!

I recently had a friend request on Facebook from a bully who made my life miserable 30 years ago. I confronted him about it (of course, he forgot that he tormented me) but I did get an apology.
There are adult bullies, of course, and I’ve had to deal with them too. Unfortunately. My most recent one was an acquaintance who happens to be best friends with one of my best friends. I see her maybe three or four times a year, but every time we get together, she has some sort of nasty remark to say to me. I’ve basically not confronted her about it until recently. I wouldn’t have said anything, except she posted an extremely nasty birthday card on my Facebook page. She didn’t send it in an email; she put it on my page so that EVERYONE could see it.
I usually don’t retaliate, but because of the apology from the bully, and because I was feeling empowered, I posted a picture of the Goodyear Blimp on her Facebook page, and said, “Saw this, thought of you. Thanks for making me look thin, in comparis…

Backwards as Backwards Can Be

I read something in the J-G about how a couple of city council members are really upset about the Harry Baals name controversy. I'd like to say something to them: calm the fuck down. It's no wonder young people want to leave this town. We don't have a sense of humor, and we are basically embarrassed about a dead guy's name. Oh, the HORROR! Listen: this town is full of hypocritical prudes. That's right, hypocritical prudes. Harry Baals has gotten FW worldwide attention, and instead of maybe making a video about the good things about this town (great library, cheap real estate, close to REAL cities, decent hockey team) the city's leaders hang their heads in shame, saying all the attention is "inappropriate, embarrassing" etc. We can't BUY the kind of publicity we've received. And isn't it a little strange that we are upset about a mayor with a funny name that got a shitload of votes, yet we aren't too concerned that we have an awful lot …


Apparently, I've had more views of my blog from Japan than any other country. Thanks for reading!Or, Yonde kurete arigatō!

Trying to Make a Change

I'm kind of tired of the way things are going in my life, so I'm trying to make changes. One of them is trying to exercise more. I'm really kinda tired of being overweight. I think there's also something going on with my digestive tract, and hopefully I can find a doctor to figure out why I sometimes throw up in the mornings while I'm having a bowel movement. It's a little bit distressing.

On a more positive note, I'm trying to eat better, although I've had some bad sugar cravings lately. I've been piling on the chocolate. However, when I got on the scale this morning, I only weighed two pounds more than I did the last time I was on the scale, so that isn't bad. It certainly could be worse.

I try to have realistic expectations. I will be okay if I don't get back to my high school weight of less than 120 pounds. If I can lose 30 pounds, that will be something. The problem will be finding the time to exercise. I actually do like moving around, i…