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A Few Pages In, and I'm Hooked!

Maybe it's my obsession with amusement parks, and Cedar Point in particular, but I just picked up Joyland last night at Half Price Books, and I'm loving it so far. I went on a book-buying spree last night, and I have plenty to do with my two classes. That's why I left the stack of books in the car last night, because i was afraid that if I brought this in, it would replace my bedtime reading, which was for school.
I can't help it. I love Stephen King's writing. Not all of it, mind you, but Hearts in Atlantis was a book that I'd tried, but it didn't grab me. A few years later, I reread it obsessively one summer as I was writing some semi-autobiographical stories of my own.
Looking forward to Joyland! And since I'm going to Cedar Point again soon, I'm planning to take it with me so I can have something to read if I decide to pack my lunch and eat in the car. While I love Cedar Point, unless you go with name-brand food choices (Subway, Panda Express, …

Please Comment on My Story! I'm trying to get a book contract!

So You Think You Can Write?

If you don't already know, I write erotic fiction. I've entered a contest, so please check out My story is called "The Trainer." It's just the first chapter, but please leave your name, email, and a comment. The grand prize is a two-story book contract. I'd appreciate your support. Thanks.

Dekalb Free Fall Fair!!!

I didn't get a chance to get to Johnny Appleseed this year. So when a colleague told me about the fair up in Auburn I decided to go. It was perfect weather; just a little on the chilly side. I will say I've never seen so many food booths in my life in one place. I must say the selection was even better than Three Rivers Festival. Check it out! It goes until September 27. More info here:

They forgot the "Fuck yeah!"
Big white dog is OWNING the fair!
I saw only a handful of black people at the fair. I wonder if this guy was feeling a bit uncomfortable at this particular moment. Auburn is awfully white.
There were onion rings to be had, but the bloomin' onions were a nice touch. Usually I have to go to Outback for those.
It's always a nice touch to see local organizations take their rightful place among the way overpriced food offerings. I wonder if this chili was "hotter than hell."
Another local business offering fa…

Just a quick one ...

To say I'm feeling a bit better but still having trouble sleeping which means I am tired no matter when I get up.

Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore...

Still feeling depressed. I know I didn't update Saturday, and I'm sorry. I have to be online for another area of my life right now, and I'm sort of sick of staring into a screen all the time. Nothing much has been going on in my life. Nothing really bad, nothing really good. Same old shit, basically.

Depressed ...

And I don't know why. It's just a feeling of nothingness and a combination of feeling like I'm guilty and a complete failure.

Really Depressed Right Now

It was a shitty day (I lost my driver's license) and some customer thought I was being rude. Never in my life have I wanted to run away as much as I wanted to today.

Not So Happy Labor Day

I had plans to go to Shipshewana on Labor Day. Among other things, they have a giant flea market. I hadn't been there all summer, so I figured Labor Day would be a good time to do it.

I set my alarm, but really wasn't feeling too energetic. I did wake up, but debated whether or not to go. I let my dog out, and cleaned up the poop in the kitchen. She usually doesn't have accidents, but whatever. I got breakfast for Daphne and my cat, Summit, and went back to bed.

Eventually I decided to go. I thought that I could do a Shipshewana Fashion Parade Flea Market edition. So I got up, showered, prepared to let Daphne out before I left, and found more poop in the kitchen...with bright red blood in it.

Daphne seemed okay, but I called the emergency vet place. I took her in, and despite of (or in spite of) being a holiday, they were busy. I spent about three hours there, but Daphne's blood work came back perfect. They sent her home with instructions for a bland diet for the next …