Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Make Those Rotten Little Kids Pay For Their Healthcare!!!

My ride-along needed to stop the other day, so I pulled into the nearest place I could find, which was Low Bob’s in Kendallville. I regretted it when I walked in and smelled cigarette smoke. Okay, so it was Low Bob’s, but I guess I don’t expect the employees of Cap and Cork to be drinking on the job.
Anyway, I used the bathroom and bought a snack. I glanced down at the flyer taped to the counter. It was written sarcastically, asking customers to thank their congressmen for a list of things, like higher cigarette tax and free health care for 11 million children. I thought about saying something to the cashier along the lines of, “yeah, those kids should get jobs and pay for their OWN health care!” but I was afraid the irony would be lost on her.
I thought about how hypocritical we are as a nation. Just earlier that morning, I saw a guy on the news who was giving a presentation to children about now not to become a victim of sexual abuse. He said something along the lines of “children are our most precious resource.” If they are, why did the author of that flyer seem to think that health care for children was wrong?
Because it comes at the smoker’s expense.
A story I read on ABCnews.go.com (http://abcnews.go.com/Health/GlobalHealth/story?id=1266515) said the CIA World Factbook estimates the United States’ rate of infant mortality is comparable to Croatia, Lithuania and Taiwan. Just about every European country is ahead of us when it comes to keeping their newborns alive. I don’t have to mention the fact that they have universal health care plans, but I will.
But getting back to the smokers and their rage at higher taxes. I wonder how many of these smokers have kids, and how many of these smokers have health care insurance. I wonder how many of the smokers’ health insurance covers their kids. I’m willing to bet the cashier who rung me up at Low Bob’s has a totally sweet health insurance plan. I didn’t get a chance to ask her, but I’m SURE she does.
Sarcasm aside, I’d like to point out there are some things that are taxpayer funded, and they don’t all completely suck. Driven on a road or walked on a sidewalk lately? Ever have to use the services of the police or fire department? Did you go to public school? Use a library? Well, shame on you for using these horrible, socalist services and facilities. You should have educated yourself, put out your own fire, shot the intruder and built your own roads and sidewalks. Okay, I’m being sarcastic again, but I’m also pointing out the hypocrisy that runs rampant in this country. Some things are okay for taxpayers to pay for, but other things, like our health, aren’t. Do you know how many people repeatedly call the police, or goof off in school? THEY are wasting MY money! That’s one of the arguments I hear from people who don’t want to pay for other people’s medical problems. Well, someone else is going to complain about paying for YOUR medical problems. My tax money is being used to pay for people on disability who spend their days drunk. It also goes to pay for women who can’t use birth control competently. There are lots of things my tax dollars pay for that I don’t approve of. I heard a Libertarian who was PROUD of the fact he was getting disability. A true Libertarian would scrape by on his own efforts.
Everyone these days wants their cut. EVERYONE. Those who disapprove of Obama’s stimulus plan are the same folks who use WIC. A conservative co-worker of mine mentioned using WIC, which pretty much convinced me that people are generally okay with government programs. They may not admit it. But when they lose their job, they want their unemployment checks. They may frown on welfare and disability for others, but as soon as their ass is in trouble, they are looking for their share.
I wasn’t eligible for unemployment this past summer, nor was I able to get food stamps. One source of income was the shitty ice cream truck driving job (I brought home, after paying for truck rental, gas, and insurance, anywhere from $5 to $40 a day. And the $40 dollar day was rare. I averaged closer to $15-20 a day.) I also mowed lawns for a couple of friends, and did a couple odd jobs for one of them. I think I sold some DVDs and CDs. Imagine what I would have gone through if I’d had a family. It was just me, a dog and a cat. But I felt incredible bitterness and resentment that my college degree, writing skills, typing skills and phone skills weren’t enough to get me a job. If I’d gotten unemployment, would I have languished until the benefits had run out? No. I would have still searched frantically for a job. But maybe the daily panic attacks I had when I woke up wouldn’t have been so bad. I wouldn’t have worried about having my utilities shut off. I did get a little bit of assistance with that, but if I’d gotten unemployment, I wouldn’t have had to get the assistance.
But it was the scariest time of my life.
I’m not opposed to helping people out. But certain people are. Take away a person’s job, savings, shelter and possessions, and I’m sure you’ll find a different person from the formerly employed individual with a savings account and a place to live. But when the jobs aren’t there, the money is gone and you have no place to live and you’re trying your best to survive and there isn’t any help available, then what?
If a college educated woman with a specialized license had to scramble four months before she found a full time job that pays less than $13 an hour, what hope does an uneducated person have? Or someone who was recently incarcerated? Or someone who was sick but wants to reenter the workforce?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Brunette Ambition

Wow. Four blog postings in one day. What’s wrong with me?

Why Even Bother?

Friday night, I swept, mopped and waxed the floors, and less than 48 hours later, Daphne pees on the kitchen floor. Twice. I wonder why I even bother trying to keep this place clean. She is housebroken, but every so often leaves a deposit. I found the puddle early this afternoon while walking barefooted. Yum. This year is the year I’m going to try and make some progress in this junk-filled house. I’ve asked my brother if he wants some of this stuff, but as usual, he dodges the question. I’m going to start giving stuff away, or sell it or throw it out, because my house isn’t a home, it’s a giant storage facility. And I would say at least half of the stuff that is here, I don’t use. The amount of clutter is mindblowing. I don’t remember it being anywhere near as bad when there were five people living here. Now there’s just me, and it’s really starting to get annoying.


Daylight Savings Time has started again, and that is really going to screw me up. I slept super late Saturday and today, so now I feel like I’m going to bed early, but I have to, because I’m due at work at 7 a.m. I nearly forgot to change my clocks again. Ugh.


I’ve been seeing the promos for “Better Off Ted,” and I’m not sure I’ll be watching it, but the music took me back to my younger years, when dad would blare Latin music from the 50’s from the stereo. The promo music is “Mambo Jambo” by Perez Prado, and I happened to have a recording of it, plus “Mambo Number Five” (not the Lou Bega version) and “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White.” It’s catchy, and makes me want to dance on a beach somewhere with some really good orange juice.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Someone Pass Her Some Midol!!!

Why are people so concerned about the rich? They are going to be taxed more (we ALL are) but from the sound of ordinary people, the rich are going to be taxed to death and something HAS TO BE DONE!
Who gives a shit about the rich? I mean, there is just SO much to be concerned about with them. They are only making $250,000 a year or more, and God knows, that is a pittance to survive on. I really, really feel for them. After all, if they are taxed on half their income, they’re only going to have $125,000 left to live on in a whole years’ time! That’s hardly anything!
My neighbor was telling me how bad things were going to get and how concerned she was about the rich. “They donate to the Salvation Army.” Oh, really? And poor people don’t? I guess my $10 donation last year didn’t go very far. I also gave to the Rescue Mission and Community Harvest Food Bank, in addition to paying off six of my delinquent bills.
The only reason poor people are concerned about the rich is the same reason people are concerned about celebrities they will never meet. We want to be rich and famous. We are delusional to think that we too, some day, will be rich. The poor freak out about additional taxes slapped on the rich because the poor believe if they work hard enough, THEY will be rich too! Fools!
We are all doomed in some way, shape or form. The taxes will be on the rich, but they will trickle down to us because the rich can find ways to dodge taxes, but the poor can’t. America is going down. This is no accident. All the great empires fell, so will we. It’s all been engineered by the powers that be, and China will take over. Think about it. We’re all fat, we are all on medication. Does that sound like a healthy nation to you? We are obsessed with small electronics that we can’t repair, so when they break, we buy more. We watch crap on television, and don’t bother with a simple phone call to any of our elected officials to tell them what assholes they are, or what we would like to see happen in government. No, we have more important things to worry about. Video games, television shows, movies, music, iPods, cell phones, 42 inch plasma screen televisions, xBox 360’s, PlayStation 3’s, downloads of ringtones, songs, shows, movies, Saturday Night Live skits, comedy bits, text messaging, where does it stop? I guess when everyone is on unemployment and we turn to crime to supplement our food stamps.
So meanwhile, let’s praise the rich while they are still rich. Whatever would we do without them? We wouldn’t know how to dress, or what shoes, bags, sunglasses, cars, or jewelry to buy. We’d have no one to look up to. So let’s all lick the assholes of the rich. They deserve it!
FUCK THAT SHIT! Send rich kids to Iraq and Afghanistan. Let their parents work shitty jobs so they know what life COULD be like. Take away all their resources and contacts and money and let’s see them look for a job. Let’s tell them they are lazy when they put out 20 applications in a week and no one calls them for an interview. Let’s tell them handouts are for wimps and let them scrape along on their own wits until they finally flip out and steal a gun and go on a killing spree. What fun! At least there would be fewer people clawing over unemployment benefits and food stamps.
So if you are rich and reading this, you can lick my ass. You tell me if I worked hard, I could have what you have. I got news for you: the poor probably work way harder at shittier jobs than you do, and they know they will never be rich. If hard work equaled wealth, we’d have more rich than poor. Just about everyone I know would be rich. You lucked out and you know it. There are smarter people, more ambitious people, more DESERVING people who work their asses off, and will never get anywhere higher than mere survival.
Enjoy it! Your time is coming!

This post was brought to you by Gloria, who is currently on the rag. Yeah, fuck you too.