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Errands, Schmerrands

Got a lot done today, then came home and sorted through mail from the past month or so. I was so tired last night, I went to be at 9:30. It was an 11 hour day without lunch, but I did manage to feed myself, then go to bed. I hear all this talk about maintaining a healthy balance between work, family and whatever else is going on in one's life, but in my world, there is no balance. I keep wondering if I will die early if I keep on working three jobs and neglecting my body. I'm going to stop right now, because if I continue, I'll be plunging into a depressing missive about my life.

We're Number One!

I walked into Dollar General after work today and saw a headline saying that Allen County leads the state in chlamydia cases. We're the fattest, most smokingest and now the nastiest in terms of social diseases. I burst out laughing in the store, because if something is bad or unhealthy, we are all over it like white on rice.

It's Been a While

I have two addictions taking up my time--Facebook and YouTube. I got high speed Internet access (wireless) about a month ago and I am more than hooked. I'm looking at all sorts of shit on YouTube--plane crash videos, music videos, people squeezing giant cysts and pimples (now I don't feel so bad about my skin problems) women suffering from anorexia, Parry Gripp videos...unreal. Then there's Facebook. A great tool for keeping in touch with people you don't necessarily want to talk to (!) but it can be a time waster as well. I don't play FarmVille or any of those other games. I like video games and I played a few on the Playstation2 when I was off recovering from my surgery, but my time is short, and I have to make the most of it. If I have free time, I spend it sleeping, eating, writing, doing creative stuff or going online. Speaking of creative stuff, I finished the parody music video I was working on.

I feel my life is going to be changing again. It's just a hu…