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Yeah, I'm On Facebook

And I think I actually like it better than Myspace.

Simple Pleasures

One thing I look forward to once a week is having dinner at the Mandarin on Dupont Road. They have free high speed wireless Internet, so I watch YouTube videos while I eat some of the best Chinese food in town. I have to tell myself to concentrate on small, but wonderful things like this whenever life gets me down.

Gone Too Soon

I wasn't a huge fan of Michael Jackson, but I was shocked to see he'd died. Despite his problems, he was entertaining to watch and I marveled at his glass-shattering child-like voice. One of my favorite songs of his was "Ben." I wonder if his death will be like Elvis's. You know, Michael Jackson death week, like they do with Elvis in August. Too bad Neverland was sold. It could have been another Graceland. Already things seem fishy with that doctor who suddenly took off. I think there's more behind it than just being tired and underweight.

The Vagina Monologues

Robert and I went to see “The Vagina Monologues” at the Firehouse Theater last night. It was a good show, very funny but also kinda sad. If you’ve never seen it, it talks about being a woman in an abusive relationships, rants about going to the gynecologist, and tampons. If you want your guy to know a little bit more about what women face, or if you want a girls’ night out, this is a show worth seeing. I spoke with Paul Allen and big changes are coming to the Firehouse. If you want to see the show, it runs again next Friday and Saturday at 8:15 p.m. The Firehouse Theater is at 1245 E. State Street. For more information, call 750-8308.

I Don't Know Nothin' About Makin' Movies

When I was a kid, going to see “Gone With The Wind” with my mother was a torture. The movie is so damn long, and I didn’t really appreciate it.
It’s still not one of my favorite movies, but I popped it in tonight, for some reason. Maybe I wanted escape. I don’t know.
I’ve been paying a little more attention to movies lately, because Robert and I are hoping to do some visually creative stuff of our own. We purchased a digital video camera (our first joint purchase!) and I’ve been fiddling around with some editing software, even though it scares the hell out of me. It’s not the kind of software you can just fool around with. I think it’s complicated, and thankfully, it came with real, honest-to-God instruction manuals, instead of having to view them as a PDF. I’m not an expert, but week by week, I hope to learn something new.
In the meantime, I’m watching movies in a different way. Costuming, music, casting, surroundings… all of these are taking on new meaning right now. We hope to upload …