Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Trying Another Editing Program

For a while, I've worked with Microsoft Movie Maker, a free program I downloaded. It's a very basic program. But I don't think it's the most user friendly. However, it's a free program, so what do I expect?

I wanted to do a little more than what Movie Maker is capable of. So I stopped by Best Buy to see if there were any specials. The store hardly carries software anymore, but found out that Sony Movie Studio was on sale for $39.99. So I bought it. I just uploaded my video, which you can see here:

I just had a one minute clip and added some text at the end, so it's still a basic video. But I'm going to experiment with clips to see what I can do. The thing with buying software these days is that they don't include instruction manuals. That is, PAPER instruction manuals. You can click on the help thing on the toolbar, but it will probably take you online so you can ask your question in the forums. And that sucks. You end up with some snarky know-it-all making you feel like an idiot.

So we'll see. Hopefully this will lead to more videos soon.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

"Her" Looks Like pow chick a bow wow

This looks like an interesting movie, but I can't help but think this guy looks like a porn star from the 1970s.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Her Lips Weren't Sealed

At the Dollar Tree a couple weeks ago, I came across Belinda Carlisle's memoir, Lips Unsealed. As a fan of the Go-Gos, I had to get it. I had no idea Carlisle has major problems with addiction. I remember "Our Lips Are Sealed" and how catchy it was.

I always thought Carlisle was beautiful--she seemed the perfect California blonde. It's a bit shocking to read about how wasted she was a good part of the time, and how fat she felt. If she was a bit chubby, I thought it looked good on her.

But it's a good read, and I'm almost done.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wrong Tacos

Taco Bell LimaRoad was off their game tonight. They got my order wrong twice.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I haven't been to a movie in months, literally, so when a friend invited me to see Neighbors, I accepted.

I saw the premise on a preview, I think, when I went to see Catching Fire. Yes, it's been THAT long since I saw a movie. Anyway, the premise looked funny. Fraternity, led by Zac Efron, moves into a house next door to an "old married couple," who are probably maybe 35, tops. Anyway, the usual hijinks ensue, with a hilarious fight scene between Zac and Seth Rogen, which is as funny and as gross as it gets.

Zac is certainly eye candy; I would not be surprised if he is the next celebrity to come out as gay. No man can look that perfect and be straight.

Without giving away the entire plot, the noise and incidents escalate, with Seth and his wife and a buddy scheming to get even with the frat boys. What's nice is that the movie, with all of its stupid/funny/gross situations, there are a few nuggets of truth--frats and sororities really don't mean much after college graduation, and you should probably study in order to get your grades past the 2.5 GPA (out of a 4.0). But there's happy endings. This was an enjoyable, funny movie.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Carroll Fine Arts Night Photos!

Here are some photos from Carroll's Fine Arts Night. There was some really interesting funny art. There were also spoken word pieces, singing and music as well. I really do think the night should be longer than just a two hour event. I was able to meet the young ladies who came to Lowe's looking for display ideas and paint. 

This was a nice set up, and some nice pieces. The display was three panels painted and hinged together, with a board across the top to keep everything stable, as well as identify the artist.

Taylor made a cast of her own body in packing tape, and made a dress form. Displayed on this is a dress she made, and yes, she can wear it.

Some nice graphic design work.

Noah got these pallets from church for basically nothing. He nailed some panels on the backs of the pallets to give them height. He then nailed some supports on the bottom so the panels wouldn't fall over. He said to buy the pallets, they would cost about $9 each. He then mounted his photos on some unusual nails that sort of looked like flattened spikes. They fit in really well with his photographs, which featured lots of bridges.

This display was made of what looked like OSB and PVC pipe. Ashley's work depicted a father and son doing the same things.

Brooke was one of the young ladies who came to Lowe's looking for paint. She chose this dark red color, and I strongly suggested she use some gray primer on her panels before putting the red on. Red does not cover well, so I think the gray primer helped. Brooke said she put on about two coats of the red. It looked really nice!

Tayler knew someone who had a prior Fine Arts night exhibit, and borrowed this set up, which consisted of old doors. Tayler can't remember where her friend got them, but said they weren't expensive. The doors looked antique, and made a beautiful background to her work.

Alexa is the second young lady who came with her parents looking for display ideas. The boards were painted black and then hinged together to make a big display triangle. Boards can range from insulation to OSB to particle board to plywood. I think her father said the set up cost around $103.

Alana's artwork struck me as having a sense of humor. You'll see a close-up photo of her stuff later.

Brianna spoke about being Asian, and how it puts a damper on the holidays. However, she portrayed it in a humorous way.

And Santa doesn't come for Christmas, either. Sorry the pictures are sideways.

Coming to Starbucks soon. The Megaccino. Only $200.

A whole table of wire-sculpted shoes was set up. Here are a couple of them.

Yes, a replica of that famous picture, with soldiers made out of packing tape.

Made out of Starburst wrappers.

It looks like Obama, but it isn't.

I like how this figurine was multitasking.

This student liked underwater photography.

I like the title on this one.

This caught my eye, because it looks like a miniature replica of the area surrounding Cindy's Diner downtown. Then I realized it wasn't. It's a photograph, and there must be something up with either the lens, or how it was manipulated (if it was).

This is plastic, painted and then glued into place.

I like abstract art.

A 3-D depiction of the Wizard of Oz.

These bowls looked like flowers to me.

I like art that makes me think and/or wonder. Is this a tooth, or a white diamond?

Bird leaves!
Or are they leaf birds?

A branch makes for an interesting display tool.

I like this apple stitched together. It was disturbing.

I love the colors in this. This was done by Brooke Stabler.

The picture above was painted in nail polish! Alexa Heyneman did this one.

This photographer had photo reproductions of famous photos as part of his display.

I think this was the artist, Josiah Joseph, posing as Elvis.

Some of Alana's work. I like her sense of humor!

Kate Yeager had some disturbing-looking work. Her display was literally a miniature art gallery, complete with walls and lights.

This was a really wonderful show. And it was absolutely free! Next year, consider coming out to this show to see and hear some very talented students!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Carroll High School Fine Arts Night

Don't forget Carroll Fine Arts night this coming Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m.