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My Latest Video Effort

I'm Okay, but You're Not, and You're a Piece of Shit, Too

I know I haven’t written lately. Not that anyone actually reads this blog, but I’m realizing some things about myself. I haven’t liked people for years, but more importantly, I don’t know how to handle the shittier ones. You know the ones—subtle put-downs, flat-out condescension, aim for your heart nasty remarks. I deal with that at one of my jobs. It gets kind of annoying, because of course, if I treated these people the same way they treat me, I’d be written up, or fired.
I never learned how to stand up for myself, or be assertive, without going all serial killer bitch on someone. I either get walked all over, or people threaten to call the cops on me. It’s never a happy medium. I’m shocked when people are rude to me. Then, while my jaw is still on the floor, these bitches/bastards walk away, leaving me to wonder what the hell just happened.
I’ve been getting annoyed at work, and I’ve been letting it show. The same story—having to do a task, but needing a co-worker to help me. Every…