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The Picture

This is the picture I was talking about. Voting for this picture starts tomorrow, August 1, at noon. Here is the page for it:
Please vote for it. The grand prize is $15,000 and I sure could use it. I will be posting this same page for a little while. Also Twittering it as well. And Facebooking it. If you like it vote. And be sure to share the link!
P.S. No, it wasn't taken at night. This was taken at 11:57 a.m. June 21, 2016.

Are You Going to Allen County Fair?

Parsley, sage, rosemary, and, oh forget it. More like elephant ears, pork tenderloins and fries. This IS 2016 in the United States after all. No true loves of mine exist here, so let's get the show started, shall we?

Yours truly won two blues and two reds. I entered the last photo in the photography contest. Voting starts August 1 at noon, and yes, I will be posting the link so that you can vote. I can use the grand prize money of $15,000, so please vote often!
Yet the poster says nothing about sticking my finger up my ass. I know from, um, other people I mean, that I shouldn't do that.
Pretty nifty. At $95,900, it's way out of my range, but it's been one of my goals to get something similar and drive around the country and take pictures. The guy I spoke with says driving around the country is a pretty common desire. Maybe someday, with a used one.
I love the fair, because there's so much stuff to learn and discover, including free spi…