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Drugs and Drink And God: An Interview with Sarah Katherine Lewis

Back in the glorious 1990s, Sarah-Katherine published a 'zine called Pasty. It was one of the best ones of the perzine genre. She talked about coffee and food and a sex party and checking out the jail and getting drunk for science. We got to know each other via mail. Yours truly published a 'zine called Angry Young Woman. We traded 'zines, and I also got 'zines from other talented writers.

Well, Sarah-Katherine got a legit publishing deal and went on to publish Indecent: How I Fake it and Make it as a Girl For Hireand Sex and Bacon: Why I Love Things That are Very, Very Bad For Me  .
A review on Sex and Bacon will be coming from me. Indecent sounds awesome too, and as a repressed Catholic girl, I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

Sarah-K's latest publishing venture is about being in rehab. If you loved her 'zine, you'll love Rehab A Go-Go. I know I did. Sarah-Katherine is a hell of a writer. Entertaining, funny, philosophical. She's talented and sounds like…