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Depeche Mode 6 1 18

Depeche Mode has aleaus struck me as a dramatic, sensual, sexy dance music group. You can move to their tines, but instead of being empty-headed, superficial types, they grapple with the more serious issues of life. Yet they know how to have fun. Dark, sexy, angry, meaningful, deep. That's why I love them.
 Conclusion of an awesome concert!
 Close up. Dramatic and sexy!
 His solo was well received.
 A brief snippet, as I was running out of space.
Since no one smokes anymore, this is the new, safer, more technological way to show affection for rock groups.

Going to Try ...

To post more positive things. I'm not feeling too great recently. Still looking for decent, meaningful work. But you know that old saying, "there's always someone worse off than yourself?"
 I've discovered a show on BBC 3, something called "Love and Drugs on the Street"? Not sure if that's the name, but it's about homeless people in Brighton, England. My house isn't great, but the property taxes aren't very much, thank God.

So, there's that. In between stressing about money, I do seem to be able to scrape up enough for fun every so often. Stay tuned for pictures from Depeche Mode June 1 at the United Center in Chicago. Helluva show.