I'm Back

After deleting my blog in a fit of rage, I've decided to come back.


Phil Marx said…
I saw your recent story about your trip to Toronto. I spent a long weekend there a few years ago. It's an awsome City. I love visiting Canada, but haven't been there for a couple years now.

Welcome back! And next time you're pissed, just hit somebody. Don't take it out on the poor blog.
Gloria said…
Thanks Phil!

I left my heart in Toronto. I first went there after my mom died in 2004, and that trip gave me the will to live again. I've had a very hard time financially these past few months, and hope maybe I can get up to Windsor for a day before the end of the year. I'll defend Canada against anything and anyone. It's clean, the people are behaved and have manners, the men are NICE to me (a friggin' miracle if there ever was one) and there was a "we're all in this together" feeling that is absent here in the U.S.

As for hitting someone, well, I'd like to, sometimes. It wasn't mad AT someone in particular, it was a combination of paranoia. See, a certain person I know suggested that perhaps the reason why I had a hard time getting a job was because of my blog. This person said HR personnel may be running a Google search on me, and my foul mouth may be preventing me from employment. I ended up getting not one, but two jobs shortly after that. I hate to think that I'm so notable that people won't hire me because I voice my opinion on the Internet, but whatever. I'm not going to give away company secrets, but I do like to talk about work since I'm the queen of crap jobs. I wish I were rich enough to say whatever I wanted and not have to worry. Oh well.

Thanks for welcoming me back. I'll try to find someone to hit the next time I'm pissed.

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