Someone Pass Her Some Midol!!!

Why are people so concerned about the rich? They are going to be taxed more (we ALL are) but from the sound of ordinary people, the rich are going to be taxed to death and something HAS TO BE DONE!
Who gives a shit about the rich? I mean, there is just SO much to be concerned about with them. They are only making $250,000 a year or more, and God knows, that is a pittance to survive on. I really, really feel for them. After all, if they are taxed on half their income, they’re only going to have $125,000 left to live on in a whole years’ time! That’s hardly anything!
My neighbor was telling me how bad things were going to get and how concerned she was about the rich. “They donate to the Salvation Army.” Oh, really? And poor people don’t? I guess my $10 donation last year didn’t go very far. I also gave to the Rescue Mission and Community Harvest Food Bank, in addition to paying off six of my delinquent bills.
The only reason poor people are concerned about the rich is the same reason people are concerned about celebrities they will never meet. We want to be rich and famous. We are delusional to think that we too, some day, will be rich. The poor freak out about additional taxes slapped on the rich because the poor believe if they work hard enough, THEY will be rich too! Fools!
We are all doomed in some way, shape or form. The taxes will be on the rich, but they will trickle down to us because the rich can find ways to dodge taxes, but the poor can’t. America is going down. This is no accident. All the great empires fell, so will we. It’s all been engineered by the powers that be, and China will take over. Think about it. We’re all fat, we are all on medication. Does that sound like a healthy nation to you? We are obsessed with small electronics that we can’t repair, so when they break, we buy more. We watch crap on television, and don’t bother with a simple phone call to any of our elected officials to tell them what assholes they are, or what we would like to see happen in government. No, we have more important things to worry about. Video games, television shows, movies, music, iPods, cell phones, 42 inch plasma screen televisions, xBox 360’s, PlayStation 3’s, downloads of ringtones, songs, shows, movies, Saturday Night Live skits, comedy bits, text messaging, where does it stop? I guess when everyone is on unemployment and we turn to crime to supplement our food stamps.
So meanwhile, let’s praise the rich while they are still rich. Whatever would we do without them? We wouldn’t know how to dress, or what shoes, bags, sunglasses, cars, or jewelry to buy. We’d have no one to look up to. So let’s all lick the assholes of the rich. They deserve it!
FUCK THAT SHIT! Send rich kids to Iraq and Afghanistan. Let their parents work shitty jobs so they know what life COULD be like. Take away all their resources and contacts and money and let’s see them look for a job. Let’s tell them they are lazy when they put out 20 applications in a week and no one calls them for an interview. Let’s tell them handouts are for wimps and let them scrape along on their own wits until they finally flip out and steal a gun and go on a killing spree. What fun! At least there would be fewer people clawing over unemployment benefits and food stamps.
So if you are rich and reading this, you can lick my ass. You tell me if I worked hard, I could have what you have. I got news for you: the poor probably work way harder at shittier jobs than you do, and they know they will never be rich. If hard work equaled wealth, we’d have more rich than poor. Just about everyone I know would be rich. You lucked out and you know it. There are smarter people, more ambitious people, more DESERVING people who work their asses off, and will never get anywhere higher than mere survival.
Enjoy it! Your time is coming!

This post was brought to you by Gloria, who is currently on the rag. Yeah, fuck you too.


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