Americans Are Hypocrites

So Rush Limbaugh left the Hawaii hospital where he went for chest pains and said, "there is nothing wrong with the U.S. health care system." Well, of course he would say that! If you have insurance or can AFFORD health care, you would think there is nothing long as YOU can get the care you need. And the smug assholes who DO have insurance point fingers at the uninsured, telling them all they need to do is find a job that offers health insurance. Good luck with that. The jobs that are out there are either part time (which don't offer insurance) or are "independent contractor" positions, which don't offer insurance either.

I would LOVE to just take away health care from the "haves" for a year or two, then enjoy watching the reactions of people like my brother and sister in law, or my hypocritical co-worker who is against socialized medicine but is perfectly okay with Medicaid taking care of his girlfriend's pregnancy expenses when something happens to THEM.

One would argue that in this country, if you can't afford it, you don't deserve it. So I guess we Americans don't deserve health, because your average woman probably doesn't have $27,000 to pay out of pocket for a uterine artery embolization. I don't NEED a Bentley, which costs over $100,000, but I DO need my health. Being healthy means I can continue to feel good and, from a patriotic standpoint, continue to be a pawn for Corporate America and work, work, work, then work some more to generate income, so it can be taxed, so my hard-earned bucks can fund unmarried women who are dumb enough to get pregnant and whose boyfriends don't want to take financial responsibility.Does anyone think this is FUCKED?

I had a conversation with a friend who is now teaching in Thailand. He knows other Americans who are over there teaching, and they've seen the writing on the wall. America's best days are over. Its citizens are led by propaganda whores on the radio who didn't even graduate college, they think so little of themselves, if they get sick and can't afford care, oh well, if they are hard-working but lose their jobs, and can't find other positions, they are made to feel like losers. It's not the economy, it's YOU. Sure it is. This country is being fleeced, and we are made to feel like shit because we're poor.

On the other hand, although I believe health care is really important, and there should be a bigger emphasis on preventative care, I worry that whatever bill is passed, there will be thousands of idiots who will continue to eat Pop Tarts and drink Mountain Dew for breakfast. Our tax dollars will also have to fund their diabetes. I don't feel good about this, but I do feel that the people who are making an effort should be helped out. But if you know better, and KNOW that you know better, shut your trap and stop complaining about government "intrusion" and take care of your illegitimate child who will probably grow up to get pregnant or get someone pregnant, just like YOU did. I work hard for my money, and I'd rather give it to people who really deserve it, not idiots.


Greg said…
It’s strange, but a lot of the Republicans that I know personally – and who are against the public plan – work menial low-rent jobs that offer no health benefits. They argue that they don’t want their taxes increased but fail to mention that they barely pay any taxes anyway, the whole given their tax-bracket. Somehow, they’ve adopted the mindset that the poor should remain poor and destitute... it’s their fault that they are poor in the first place. Sadly enough, they cannot recognize that they are speaking about themselves.
Gloria said…
Greg, you absolutely hit it on the head with your observation about Republicans working low-rent jobs. A neighbor up the street has that same viewpoint. I'm pretty sure her weekend job is one of those under the table deals, she volunteers to wash dishes at the nearby Catholic high school, and every once in a while (like once a year) she works a couple-three weeks as an electrician. It's strange, because she refuses to work non-union, but works maybe one or two electrical jobs a year. In contrast, the guy next door to me is an electrician, and pretty much has had steady work (union and non-union).

It's not like my female electrician neighbor is raking in the money's pretty pathetic, she's in her early 50s and still has to rely on her mom for cash and emergencies and the one or two siblings she hasn't totally pissed off for help on occasion.

I also knew a guy in college who was dirt poor, yet was as Republican as it gets. We got into some heated arguments.

And yeah, I read somewhere that the poor are against tax hikes because they are convinced they too will be rich someday and they don't want to pay those taxes.

Maybe it's the American mindset, but here, it's like people are beaten down. If you're poor, you are conditioned to think you don't deserve anything, and that includes health care. Robert has told me that if he gets cancer, he'll just work until he can't work anymore. This, from a man who was totally knocked on his ass when he had the flu two years ago. My argument is that health care is a human right, simply because I EXIST. If I were dead, I wouldn't need it, but no one gave me the option of coming into the world.

Anyway, thanks for your comment. I know Republicans like this too...and I know of at least one Libertarian who gets SSI disability FROM THE GOVERNMENT! Hypocrisy, anyone?
Greg said…
What’s that expression? “Religion is one of the only businesses in which the consumer blames himself for product failure.” That, and politics, I suppose. If you get sick, and you can’t afford to take care of yourself without any third-party intervention, then you only have yourself to blame.

Quite honestly, if you refuse to avail yourself of public health care, then you should also refuse to use all roads and highways (except dirt roads and cow paths), because they were essentially constructed by the government at the taxpayer’s expense... and for the benefit of all citizens, regardless of socio-economic background.

But in all fairness, I’ve also heard some strange arguments from Democrats. Republicans have argued that a public regime would cause corporations to drop their private insurance in favour of the cheaper public regime. I’ve heard Democrats state that if your company only offers public insurance, then you invariably have a sh#tty job (their words, not mine) and that you should quit, get further education or training, and then find yourself a better job with better insurance.
Gloria said…
More education doesn't necessarily equal a better job. Or one that will offer insurance. My friend Heidi worked for the U.S. Postal Service and finally made career and had good insurance, but they shut the facility where she worked. She wasn't offered a position here, and didn't want to sell or rent out her house, which she bought about seven years ago, so she fell back on her social work skills. She basically walked from one job to another, but this one doesn't offer insurance. And, incidentally, she's miserable. She's glad to have a job, but at the same time, it seems like she's working all the time.

What I want to know is where are all the jobs going to come from? I've thought about going back to school, because I really enjoy teaching at the college level. Right now, I can only teach one class, because I only have a bachelor's. However, I've heard about adjunct faculty members work at two or more colleges, just to be able to make enough money, because, you guessed it, colleges and universities are cutting back on hiring full time staff. At least the place where I teach offers some limited medical insurance, so I can opt for that. But it's pretty sad when you have a master's and work two part time jobs to make ends meet.

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