Don't Fuck With Me!

I recently had a friend request on Facebook from a bully who made my life miserable 30 years ago. I confronted him about it (of course, he forgot that he tormented me) but I did get an apology.
There are adult bullies, of course, and I’ve had to deal with them too. Unfortunately. My most recent one was an acquaintance who happens to be best friends with one of my best friends. I see her maybe three or four times a year, but every time we get together, she has some sort of nasty remark to say to me. I’ve basically not confronted her about it until recently. I wouldn’t have said anything, except she posted an extremely nasty birthday card on my Facebook page. She didn’t send it in an email; she put it on my page so that EVERYONE could see it.
I usually don’t retaliate, but because of the apology from the bully, and because I was feeling empowered, I posted a picture of the Goodyear Blimp on her Facebook page, and said, “Saw this, thought of you. Thanks for making me look thin, in comparison.” She said she could take the picture down, but said she was going to leave it up, as a reflection on my character. I responded with something like MY character? You’ve had it in for me for years. I also left a nasty message on her cell phone.
Mind you, I usually don’t do this kind of shit. But posting a birthday card basically saying I’m going to stomp on your wishes, and then let them ferment, then drink them and possibly throw them up is fucking RUDE. And maybe it was a little immature of me to post a picture of a blimp, but the nasty birthday card sent me over the edge. Why did she post the card in the first place?
As a result of this, I bought tickets to Spamalot, because I’d had plans to go with her, her best friend, my best friend, and an old friend I reconnected with on Facebook. My friend already had tickets, but since I don’t want to sit with this woman, or ever see this woman again, I bought tickets for me and my old friend, since I want to enjoy the show without having to sit with this cunt.
Why has she had it in for me for years? Why the nasty remarks every single fucking time we get together? I suspect she’s jealous of the fact that I’ve accomplished a few things in my life, that I am a very creative person, but she’s probably most jealous of the fact that I DON’T weigh 350 pounds. She has been morbidly obese for the last 20 years, ever since I’ve known her. The past five years or so, she’s taken on a narcissistic, princess persona, with everyone on the face of the earth existing to serve her needs. It’s obvious she has a problem, because her Facebook albums feature picture after picture after picture after picture of her face. It’s pretty much the same pose. It’s all about HER. And the reason why she’s all wrapped up in herself is because she’s five feet tall and 350 pounds. She’s delusional about how hot she is. I guess if you like bowling balls with arms and legs, she’s the woman for you.
As much as I dislike her, I have to say she is inspiring me to exercise and eat better. Because what would absolutely make her crazy is if I lose weight and get a decent looking body. That would be the ultimate revenge, because, I could constantly take pictures of myself, and send them to her and say, “Eat your heart out.” A cruel thing to do? Perhaps, but to be honest, if you fuck with me, I will eventually snap and fuck with you. If she had just said “Happy birthday” like a lot of other people did, I never would have put that picture on her Facebook page, but because she was nasty about it, and because I felt emboldened by the bully’s apology, I let her have it.

The photos are the nasty birthday card and the picture I posted on her FB page. The one with her photo over the blimp is my own personal creation. I should have sent THAT one to her.


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