Like Fifty Shades of Grey? Check Out the Allen County Public Library Author Fair!!!

The Allen County Public Library is a great resource here in northern Indiana. It's one of the top libraries in the United States for genealogy research, and has a huge selection of videos, especially in the downtown location.

Because it tries to use funds wisely, they host an annual author fair. This is to gather authors wanting to promote their books all in one area, all in one day, instead of having authors set up individual book signings/readings.

Some of the authors are self-published, but some have actual honest-to-God publishers as well. It's a chance to meet authors, talk about writing, and get information about self-publishing and epublishing. One author dismissed self-publishing as "printing." The majority of the authors I talked to for a story that will appear in the November 1 issue of the Fort Wayne Reader thought that self-publishing and epublishing is a great thing, and will enable more writers to get their stuff out there. Like Amanda Hocking. Haven't heard of her? She writes paranormal romance. She sent her stuff off to all the major New York publishers, who turned her down flat. She published on Amazon, sent her stuff to book bloggers, and shortly thereafter, became a millionaire. THEN New York came calling. If I'd been Hocking, I would have asked for even more money, and told whichever publisher I went with they had to take out full page ads in several newspapers across the country apologizing for not publishing me in the first place, and apologizing to every writer they turned down.

I will have my books there. Yes, books. Served Cold: Tales of Revenge and Redemption, is a collection of short stories I wrote when I was absolutely furious. A former acquaintance pushed me a bit too far. So I blew up at her on Facebook. Then I called her and left a nasty message on voicemail. And I STILL  wasn't over it, so I sat down and wrote. And wrote. And wrote some more. When I ended up with was a semi-autobiographical collection of short stories where I took the events and made them end quite differently. Bullies die in plane crashes or end up being driven to suicide. Former friends are blackmailed. And ungentlemanly men are tricked into thinking they will get a bullet in the back of the head, instead of getting a blow job. So yeah, these aren't love stories, by any means. But, if you've ever wanted to see the underdog get even, check it out. The Bookmark will have a table set up at the fair so you can buy my books, or, you can get the e-book version here and the print version here. The e-book you can find on, but deactivate the adult filter, or you won't find it. I call this genre, "semi-autobiographical revenge fantasy fiction." There's a small chance that if you've ever pissed me off, you're in this book, under a fictitious name, of course.

I also write erotic fiction, or what some people call "smut." I write that under the pen name of Janell Elizabeth Meyer. That collection is called Anything For Georgetown And Other Stories. At least two male readers said this was better than Fifty Shades of Grey. Since Shades is so poorly written/edited, I'm not sure how much of a compliment that was. But for what it's worth, the excerpts of my erotic fiction have had more than 60,000 views on If you want to purchase this, click here for the e-book, and here for the print version. Yes, you have to deactivate the adult filter for this one too. Hopefully, both links will come right up. They did when I tested them.

And incidentally, the top-selling writer at last year's author fair was me. Self-published me. It probably didn't hurt that I was running a two for $20 deal. But this year, I'm giving away samples of my latest erotic work in progress for FREE. Yes, free while supplies last. I'll also have some chocolate as well. So stop out and see me Saturday, November 9 from noon to 4 p.m., downtown branch of the Allen County Public Library. I'm serving on a panel from 3 to 3:50 p.m., so Dean Robinson of Summit City Noise is helping me out by being at my table while I'm busy talking about my epublishing experiences. Come by and say hello to me, and/or to Dean.


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