Dekalb Free Fall Fair!!!

I didn't get a chance to get to Johnny Appleseed this year. So when a colleague told me about the fair up in Auburn I decided to go. It was perfect weather; just a little on the chilly side. I will say I've never seen so many food booths in my life in one place. I must say the selection was even better than Three Rivers Festival. Check it out! It goes until September 27. More info here:

They forgot the "Fuck yeah!"

Big white dog is OWNING the fair!

I saw only a handful of black people at the fair. I wonder if this guy was feeling a bit uncomfortable at this particular moment. Auburn is awfully white.

There were onion rings to be had, but the bloomin' onions were a nice touch. Usually I have to go to Outback for those.

It's always a nice touch to see local organizations take their rightful place among the way overpriced food offerings. I wonder if this chili was "hotter than hell."

Another local business offering fair-fried greasiness.

This sign ain't takin' no mess. 

For some reason, donuts and cupcakes and aliens were popular as prizes.

Ferris Wheeler... Wheeler... Wheeler...

He passed out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious.
Thank you, Simone.
No problem whatsoever.

Little white dog OWNING the fair!

Not participating, but it should. This is an Auburn icon, on Ninth Street. Fuck you, big business.

This looks like a sepia tone photograph, but it isn't.

Not a very exciting home, but how many games of "Mouse" must these guys sell in order to give their three moneymakers a decent home? Stop being greedy and buy your guys that ultimate Habitrail!

With the price of a corndog, soda and bloomin' onion, to refuse to take $100 bills seems ballsy.

Randall was NOT holding this business card. And those weren't his panties, either.

Wouldn't parents want to ride with their kids, not tickets?

This is where I bought my popcorn and Pepsi. The popcorn was not bad at all!

I didn't stop to ask, but I'm pretty sure Jean Shepherd's estate wasn't contacted about this.

This was a mystery. The Spencerville Order of the Eastern Star is so badass, they didn't even need to put a sign out front to say what they were selling. One line stretched halfway down the block. I saw a former co-worker who said this place was selling donuts. Must be the best fucking donuts in Auburn, because my former co-worker was in line for more than a half hour for these things.


There was a very nice variety of food trailers here.

Trash bag in the middle of the street, stinking to high heaven ...
(Actually, it didn't smell at all. I was just paraphrasing some lyrics from Loudon Wainright III.)

Why this dumpster was being interviewed, I have no idea. But I bet there was some trash talking.

What my intestines feel like after eating fair food.

Holy Shit! Ziggy lives! Have a nice day!


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